Donna Ida Hello Sadie Boiler Suit Launch at Rolls-Royce

Where is the coolest place in London town to hold the launch of Spring/Summer's most directional new denim shape? Rolls-Royce of course! Team Donna Ida popped up at their premium showroom on Berkeley Square last week to launch Sadie the Boiler Suit from the  IDA SS16 ‘Blue Jean, Baby Queen’ collection which is in boutiques and online now.

Sadie Launch-1

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Sadie The Boiler Suit £210 has a relaxed skinny leg in Starlight Blue, a light-blue wash, to be worn cuffed at the ankle. This must-have piece features long sleeves with two front shirt pockets and a button down front with silver hardware that can be worn open or closed. Sadie has signature IDA pockets on the front and back to add to the cool, cutting edge look. Sadie The Boiler Suit can be worn with heels or flats and takes you easily from day to night.

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Donna Ida Thornton said; “I named the SS16 collection after lyrics in David Essex’s iconic 70s song Rock On as ‘Blue Jean, Baby Queen’ perfectly encapsulate the time. This new shape represents the daring new direction that denim is taking for 2016 which fuses cool shapes and retro washes referencing a bygone era. Sadie The Boiler Suit creates an iconic silhouette with a slouchy denim shape adding a nonchalant look for the modern girl."





Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton was host to influential fashionistas including Vestiaire's co-founder Fanny Moizant, stylist Chloe Beeney, Rotten Roach's Marissa Montgomery, Harper's Bazaar's Jo Glynn Smith, Stylist's Koulla Sergi, fashion bloggers LornaLuxe, Camila Carril, Nina Suess, FashionOne's Stefanie Jones, Forward PR's Courtney Blackman, fashion and beauty editor Lisa Haynes, designer Simeon Farrar and Serge Denime's Oliver Proudlock.

IMG_3918ss   IMG_3970ss IMG_4060 IMG_4079ss Sadie Launch-7Camila_Carril_Nina_Suess_Sadie_Boiler_Suit_Donna_Ida_LRChrissy_Amer_LR Donna_Ida_Fanny_Vestiaire_LR Donna_Ida_Jo_Glynn_Smith_LR Donna Ida ThorntonKoulla_Sergi_Stylist_LR

Fashionistas could also customise their Sadie Boiler Suit to make it unique as artist Daisy Emerson was on hand to personalise each Sadie by painting names onto the front or back using different fonts and colours. To finish off, Sadie lovers could choose from a variety of bright and bold patches to brighten up their Boiler Suit. They could choose between rock n roll patches with stars and fashion favourite 'TODAY I AM MAINLY WEARING BLACK' to the pop inspired hearts, rainbows and cherries. Sadie Launch-3 Sadie Launch-4    Sadie Launch-8  Sadie Launch-10 Sadie Launch-11 Sadie Launch-12 Sadie Launch-13

xxx Sadie Launch-17 Sadie Launch-18 Sadie Launch-19 Sadie Launch-20 Sadie Launch-21 Sadie Launch-22

Afterwards everyone took to our Berkshire Events photo booth to show off their new creations of course they did! Scan down for Sadie overload with Melissa Odabash, Daily Telegraph's Chrissy Amer, Rolls Royce Marketing Manager Sadie (Sadie wearing Sadie!), Donna Ida's Amy Roberton, Kate Gorbunova, Claire Venter and Greg Holland, fashion influencer Lorna Luxe, Angela Radcliffe, Harper's Bazaar's Jo Glynn Smith, Estelle Pigault aka Stelouche Babouche, WGSN & Industry's Lauretta Roberts, The Times Tiffanie Darke, WGSN's Samuel Trotman and Dio Kurazawa, stylist Nini Khatiblou, Woman & Home's Julia Morgan and Samantha Rnic, About Time's Angelica Malin, fashion bloggers Chrisabella and Arianna's Daily, Claire of I Am Chouqutte.

Photos copyright of Donna Ida taken by Kate Gorbunova & Greg Holland.

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If you're not sure how to style your denim Boiler Suit, don't worry because help is at hand from Stefanie Jones who filmed the event with her crew on the day! Check out her review and interview with Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton.

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