Donna's Walnut and Rocket Salad Recipe

This nice, super healthy lunch which is very fast to make.

Donna's Hummus with Roasted Pepper and Celery Sticks Recipe

Hummus is super tasty but I like to perk it up with roasted peppers and serve it fresh.

This recipe calls for a Thermomix to get the right texture. This recipe makes quite a lot so split the hummus in half with someone else or have it two days in a row.

Donna's Speedy Tomato Chutney

Team, you know I am super fast and efficient, and that includes recipes.

This is my Speedy Tomato Chutney. It is so easy you’ll want to make it all the time. Extra points if you grow your own tomatoes as this will be even more delicious.
This recipe is The Human Being Diet Friendly in terms of ingredients but you only need a spoonful to perk things up (so don’t have too much).