Do It Like Donna - June 2022

Donna Ida

I’m very excited to share with you a few slices of everything I pack into my week - who I’ve seen, where I’ve been, what I’ve eaten and of course what I’ve worn.
(Not a spoiler to say: a lot of Donna Ida denim).


Here’s a little photo diary that shows just why I’ll never fall out of love with denim. A couple of weeks ago, I had a total mind melt of a day to plan for, driving up from Devon to London for a full-on day of activities with Bobby Dazzler.
Donna Ida
 First up, attending the state opening of Parliament, followed by a round of meetings for work and then onto a very glamorous dinner hosted by my friends Kelly Hoppen and John Gardiner at London’s Langham Hotel. How can an outfit multi-task? Let me show you! Enter Kate, everyone’s favourite and most flattering jeans. I know, jeans felt a little bit of a risk in the presence of royalty (as it turned out, The Queen wasn’t well enough to attend so we had an audience with her Crown and Prince Charles), BUT: This is part of the genius of Kate for me. Denim, yes, but in a more tailored, trouser-like cut. Dressed up with a classic heel and a dash of leopard-print it was classic enough for formality but then she was ready to party for dinner.
Donna Ida
Of course, I was disappointed to miss the Queen, it is such a thrill to see her! But we were happy to see Prince Charles again. Dazzler and I met him years ago at an event where we chatted about the fashion industry in the UK.

On a side note, I managed to avoid sitting behind these wonderful ladies wearing the biggest hats! I definitely applauded the effort though, and did note they had also mixed up the glamour by teaming their oversized hats with trainers!
Donna Ida


If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, find me here) you’ll know I’m the biggest fan alive of nutritionist Petronalla Ravenshear and The Human Being Diet. Although I don’t really like to call it a ‘diet’, for me it’s more that it’s the most brilliant way of life for me, a healthy, balanced approach to eating that helps me maintain a healthy weight and always leaves me feeling satisfied and energised. That said, it’s been a month of huge upheaval, moving from our Berkshire home to our new home in Devon, Langdon Court.

I’ve been staying in a cabin so it is SUPER tight - if you’ve seen my Instagram Lives, I look like I’m in a sauna.

I’ve been eating my usual Poached Egg for breakfast followed by Manchego Cheese and Salad dishes for lunch and dinner.
Donna Ida
It is SO hard to cook in there, that I might need to mix in a temporary solution from Nuut shakes. They are 100% plant-based powdered shakes so the best I can do while we get sorted in Langdon Court. I can’t wait to get back to my routine but good is better than perfect at the minute.

If you DO have time, I recommend the Chicken Roast recipe, it is my real go-to dinner and makes a beautiful stock afterwards.
Donna Ida
If you like this you can find tons more Petronella-approved delicious recipes here (make sure you click Read More to…well, read more recipes). 


In other news, I have my beautiful new member of my Mexican army! How adorable is Emilio? I’ve had so many questions about him. He’s a lilac and tan chihuahua from Maria at @chelseachihuahua. 
Donna Ida
I’ll be honest, it was stressful trying to keep track of all five of them when we moved so I piled them into these amazing dog carriers.
Donna Ida
Am I the only one who needs to transport chihuahuas in bulk? If not, these carriers have been an absolute lifesaver, link here. [AD] 


My local farm shops

How gorgeous do these strawberries look? They leapt into the back seat of the G-wagon, I was helpless. Going to add them on top of my Blueberry Buckwheat pancakes.
Donna Ida



I’m a huge fan of Audible (as you know!) and in the midst of our move to Langdon Court, I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter books all over again.

​I’m on Book 7 (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows) so the end is nigh! It has been such great escapism from all the packing and admin. What are you reading at the moment? DM me over on Instagram.


​I have two things for you this week. 
 Donna Ida
First of all, Pillow Spray from This Works has been a life saver in our little cabin. I’ve been spraying it like crazy to keep calm in the chaos.
 Donna Ida
Secondly, do you remember that I worked with Perricone MD in January? Well I am still working my way through the three pots and I am obsessed. They are so nourishing and moisturising, I wear them morning and night. They are the Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Serum, the Face Finishing and Firming Moisturiser and the Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Eye Treatment.


Over dinner on the cruise ship Beyond Celebrity a few weeks ago, my friends Kelly and Jo were raving about the Netflix series Julia and I’ve finally caught up. It’s the story of how an American 50s housewife, Julia Child, rose to stardom via public television and literally became the woman who taught America to cook. If you’ve ever loved a cooking show with Delia, Jamie or Nigella, this is the woman you have to thank - before she came along, the idea of cooking on TV was considered positively absurd. It’s got nostalgia, amazing food (seriously, as soon as Dazzler walks through the door I’m putting him to work making me a chocolate souffle) and fantastic one-liners: Julia was known for being a little edgy for conservative Americans with the double entendres. But best of all, it has British Corrie and Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire being absolutely incredible in the lead role. Don’t miss it.

See you next time, everyone! Until then, get in touch with me to ask me anything about jeans and beyond.

Let’s chat.


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