Donna’s Roast Chicken with Sliced Potato Recipe

I roast a chicken once a week (or every ten days) for a delicious meal. I then take the chicken and make it into delicious chicken stock which I use as the base of all my cooking. It is packed with essential fatty acids and protein.

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This is a family sized meal.
Donna Ida Chicken Recipe

Donna’s Roast Chicken with Sliced Potato


This is a  2.4kg chicken - always get organic from the farm shop if you can
Olive Oil
Rosemary and Thyme
Salt and Pepper
Donna Ida Chicken Recipe
Step by step:

Add Olive oil in bottom
Peel and slice enough potatoes to cover bottom
Add chicken on top of potatoes
Take the string off from around the legs
Cut lemon into quarters and push into the cavity 
Put garlic into cavity
Push herbs in finally
Add the string back around the legs
Donna Ida Chicken Recipe
Donna Ida Chicken Recipe
Donna Ida Chicken Recipe

Oven cook at 180 degrees for 90 minutes
If it is a bigger chicken, reduce to 150 degrees for another 25 minutes
Check it is cooked with a meat thermometer or when the juices run clear
Donna Ida Chicken Recipe

Add steamed broccoli or salad to finish.

Before throwing away your chicken carcass, check out my chicken stock recipe here.

You can see Bobby Dazzler’s version complete with French Dressing here.

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