Donna’s Rainbow Salad with Manchego Recipe

A rainbow salad is a party on a plate! The fresh flavours contrast deliciously with the buttery taste of the Manchego cheese. Here’s how I make it for lunch or dinner.
Donna Ida Recipe

Donna’s Rainbow Salad with Manchego 

Donna Ida Recipe
Donna Ida Recipe

70g Manchego cheese
120g vegetables including Celery, Carrot, Pepper, Spring Onion
Apple Cider Vinegar
Zest and Zing Garlic Chill
Mint leaves
Donna Ida Recipe

Finely chop and grate vegetables
Slice Manchego


Grate a small piece of ginger 
Add a splash of apple cider vinegar
Add a squeeze of lemon
Add in a sprinkle of Zest and Zing Garlic chill
Finely chop the mint to add in
Donna Ida Recipe

Add a few teaspoons of dressing over your vegetables
Serve with slices of Manchego on the side

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