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As you would expect, Mariella Tandy the Executive Retail Editor of Tatler, is stylish.  Her look brings together eclectic yet luxe pieces to create a look of effortless elegance. We've photographed Mariella before for our Style Insider feature in her Belgravia home but today it feels like a completely different place as she welcomes us to her revamped townhouse. Things have changed for Mariella, the new interior of the house which she shares with her partner and new baby boy is now modern with opulent touches, a decadent chandelier, a brightly coloured wall and a vibrant print to match her personal style. As she takes her first steps into retail by launching her own jewellery line Alemdara we take time out with Mariella to discuss fashion, beauty and interior design.

Mariella Tandy, Donna Ida, 360 Sweater, Hey Jo Leggings, fashion, LondonMariella wears 360 Sweater and Hey Jo Leggings

DONNA IDA: You're Tatler's Executive Fashion & Retail Editor - how did you get your job in fashion?

Mariella Tandy: I started early as I knew I wanted to work in magazines. So while I was living in New York I scheduled my classes at university over days at the beginning of the week and then the other days I interned at a variety of magazines to get as much experience as I could. My first job came from an internship, the assistant left and I was able to fill the position. Things in life are usually a combination of hard work and the right timings!

Mariella Tandy, Donna Ida, Des Petits Hauts Jumper, Paige Jimmy Jimmy Shorts, fashion, denim, LondonMariella wears Des Petits Hauts Jumper & Paige Jimmy Jimmy Shorts

DONNA IDA: You've just launched your jewellery line - tell us about it? What inspired you?

Mariella Tandy: I recently launched Alemdara, the idea came to me while on maternity leave. My mother-in-law had given me a very simple enamel and diamond evil eye bracelet the minute she found out that I was pregnant . She explained to me that in Turkey (she is Turkish) everyone wears them for protection from any negative thoughts one may attract from others, especially during happy times such as pregnancy or a wedding or even just because. The eye reflects the negativity back to those that cast it so it doesn't affect you in any way. I loved the legend and when I came back to London friends wanted me to buy them the same bracelet when I was next in Turkey. I went back out and couldn't find it, so decided to design my own range and set up a jewellery line selling delicate fine jewels that could easily be worn and mixed with existing pieces. The range centres itself around the evil eye and hand of Hamsa. The pieces are all made from 18ct gold, precious stones and ancient enamel techniques. I wanted it to be something you would gift and the recipient would never take off. Jewels for life!

Mariella Tandy, BLF Gilet, Leon & Harper Top, IDA Rizzo in Night Fever, Donna Ida, fashion, London, denim, jeansMariella wears BLF Gilet, Leon & Harper Top  and IDA Rizzo in Night Fever

DONNA IDA: You recently redesigned your home - what did you change? Tell us about your interior design style.

Mariella Tandy: In one word; bright! My partner and I had lived here for a while with the intention of renovating it. When we found out I was pregnant we knew it was the perfect time to make the changes. It ended up being about a year's worth of work and we gutted the house and started again. I love colour and print and have many unusual bits I have collected from my travels. My partner's input was the orange walls. I asked him what he would like in the house and he said 'orange' so in the stairwell we used orange edged with  a black pinstripe. It is a little like living in a massive Hermes box!

Mariella Tandy, La Prestic Ouiston Trench, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfit, white jeans, jeans, denimMariella wears La Prestic Ouiston Trench

DONNA IDA: What will you be wearing with your jeans this Autumn?

Mariella Tandy: Lots of cosy knits and simple white and blue shirts. Since having a baby I have less time in the mornings to get ready so have found that my style and choices has become more minimal and consists mainly of jeans, shirts and knits.

Mariella Tandy,  La Prestic Ouiston Trench, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitMariella wears La Prestic Ouiston Trench

DONNA IDA: How was Fashion Week SS15? What was the most exciting show? 

Mariella Tandy: I just got back from show month. Each country always has their own highlights. In Milan it was Dolce and Gabbana and in Paris of course Chanel. Both always exude drama and are such fun to watch.

Mariella Tandy, J Brand Leather Nicola, Rebel Waite Shirt, Donna Ida, fashion, black leather, London, outfitMariella wears J Brand Leather Nicola and Rebel Waite Shirt

DONNA IDA: What are your five favourite fashion items?

Mariella Tandy: A pair of slim fit boyfriend jeans, a pair of high waisted 70s style wide leg jeans, a simple white shirt, my Chloe Susanna boots in black and gold and a simple navy peacoat. Oh and one extra piece, a black round neck cashmere jumper and of course my favourite pieces from Alemdara!

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Mariella Tandy: Too much to even write here!

Mariella Tandy, Mauro Grifoni Blazer, J Brand Aidan Boyfriend Jeans, denim, fashion, Donna Ida, London, outfitMariella wears Mauro Grifoni Blazer and J Brand Aidan Boyfriend Jeans

 DONNA IDA: You live in the Belgravia area - what are your secret hot spots? 

Mariella Tandy: Well I don't think they are secret, but I love Hunan for some of the best Chinese food in London, Amaya has wonderful modern Indian dishes and Oliveto for pizza. I adore Walden Chemists on Elizabeth Street, it has everything in it and wonderful service. Rococo chocolates is always great for a treat as is William Curley. Talisman Gallery has incredible pieces for the home that always inspire and Eres is my one stop shop for anything holiday related.

Mariella Tandy, Leon & Harper Cardigan, J Brand Dee Jeans, denim, skinny jeans, black jeans, zip, Donna Ida, fashion, London Mariella wears Leon & Harper Cardigan and J Brand Dee Jeans

DONNA IDA: What are your top beauty/wellbeing tips?

Mariella Tandy: I am a huge fan of naturally based products. Most of my arsenal is from Tata Harper, in my opinion the best organic and natural brand out there. She grows the ingredients in her farm in Vermont and the products have all done wonders for my skin. She is also such a kind inspirational woman. I always use an oil around the eye area, my mother swears it wards off wrinkles. Other than those looking after yourself and being active. I love yoga and do lots of pilates at Heartcore and cycle everywhere I can. We also have two dogs so end up spending a lot of time in the park at weekends.

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