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Claire Woodward, also known on Twitter and Instagram as SuperGymChick, is a personal trainer in Chelsea committed to helping you improve your diet and fitness. With her sculpted body and eye for style, Claire was the perfect choice for our sporty Style Insider. Here we joined her at The Gym Way and asked her to share her fitness secrets, her diet tips plus what it is like to train Made in Chelsea's Oliver Proudlock.

Claire Woodward, SuperGymChick, fitness, La Prestic Ouiston Top, J Brand Leather Leggings, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitClaire wears La Prestic Ouiston Top and J Brand Leather Leggings

DONNA IDA: What is your background? How did you come to be a personal trainer?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: I haven't always worked in the fitness industry, previously I worked in finance… but after working too long sitting behind a desk I decided to become a personal trainer.  Since qualifying, I have never looked back.  Running your own business is challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and can seem like hard work when you start out… but the positives outweigh the negatives. I'm very proud of what I've done and continue to do.  Best of all, I have a job I love and going to work is always a pleasure.

DONNA IDA: You share inspirational quotes on your Instagram page - which is your favourite ones?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: That's an easy one… the Jordan Belfort quote "The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it."  Every single time I read that I smile and think it's bang on. It applies to every aspiration you have.

 Claire Woodward, SuperGymChick, fitness, Bella Freud, J Brand, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitClaire wears Bella Freud & J Brand

DONNA IDA: What are your five top tips for a successful workout?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick:

1. Be consistent. Without a doubt consistent training is the most important aspect of your fitness success and forward progress.  Even a poorly designed, or random plan will produce some results if training is followed consistently… so a well designed training plan followed consistently will maximise your results and will allow you to look and feel your absolute best.

2. Follow a training plan. Don't walk into the gym without knowing what you're going to do.  Make a plan, (hopefully for the week), and it doesn't have to be too technical. Then stick to it! It could be Monday is cardio/interval training and then Wednesday is legs training, Friday is upper body and cardio work and ALWAYS allow five minutes for warm up/cool down and stretch.  Planning is everything.

3. Set realistic goals.There is no magic pill to fitness.  The only way to get there is to decide what you want to accomplish, set a specific goal and do the work.  Before you set your goals though, make sure they're achievable, just "getting fit" isn't enough. It needs to be specific and measurable, being able to measure your goal is essential to your success.

4. Buddy Training - find a friend who has similar goals/fitness levels to yourself and make a commitment that you will train together.  You will, no doubt, encourage one another and you're more likely to train harder with someone else when you have a commitment with them.  I've trained with Oliver Proudlock now for over three years.  He's is incredibly motivated in the gym despite his hectic business and social life he always shows up and his commitment to push himself is admirable, which in turn, helps me stay on track when my enthusiasm is waning.

5. Timing. Keep your workouts to no more than an hour, anything longer is counter-productive.

Claire Woodward, SuperGymChick, fitness, ElevenParis Tee, J Brand Dee Jeans, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitClaire wears ElevenParis Tee and J Brand Dee Jeans

DONNA IDA: What are your five top tips for a healthy diet?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick:

1. Water.  Drink A LOT of water.  Try to drink three litres and if you only make two it's still probably more than you would drink if you weren't aiming for three litres. Most adults lose between two to three litres a day, more in hotter climates. Water is essential for the human body to simply function.  The body cannot store water and must therefore have fresh supplies every day to perform virtually every metabolic process. The human body can last weeks without food, but only days without water, and as the body is made up of approximately 60% water it's easy to see how, if you're not properly hydrated, your not functioning optimally.

2. Good Food - A healthy diet will give our body the right amount of energy, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.  Good nutrition will also provide phytochemicals and antioxidants that will keep us feeling young, looking great and maybe even free from disease.  A bad diet will give us too many or too few calories, not enough vitamins and minerals and will actually cause bad health in the long run.  For me, getting the right nutrition is vital.  My day is busy, and I need to get the right macros to keep me going all day.  For that, I use Fresh Fitness Food who provide an amazing bespoke food delivery service. They work out what you need and if you're looking to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, then fuelling your body is going to be the number one priority.  The food they deliver is really delicious, I wouldn't use anyone else!

3. Cut out sugars - This is a BIG deal for me.  I have been tweeting about this for YEARS and finally the message is getting out there.  Sugar is poison, quite literally.  The average person in the UK consumes 238 teaspoons of sugar each week, and quite often they don't even know it!  It's everywhere.  A good way of tracking what you're eating is simply by reading the nutritional data on your food and look at the carbohydrates 'of which sugars'… then you will get an idea as to what you're eating. It's often hard to go without sugar, but the palate does adjust significantly when you remove sugar from your diet.  You will experience a while range of flavours from foods that might have previously had little taste.  Sugar tends to mute the flavours of other foods.

4. Get your greens - Vegetables in general are good for you, specifically certain veggies are packed with more nutritional benefits than others.  Leafy green vegetables have a high nutritional value and promote good health,  they are central to carrying out essential functions in the body including cleansing and detoxifying.

5. Sleep - Whilst this isn't really 'diet' it is a vital component to health.  There is no point in doing everything else if you're not getting enough sleep. It rejuvenates the body and mind and adequate sleep is vital for your body to function correctly.

Claire Woodward, SuperGymChick, fitness, La Prestic Ouiston Top, BLF Gilet, Mother Denim Jeans, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitClaire wears La Prestic Ouiston Top, BLF Gilet and Mother Denim Jeans

DONNA IDA: What are your gym essentials?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick:

1. A good pair of trainers… I find I buy way too many trainers but when you're a personal trainer it's a normal thing, right?

2. Post workout nutrition, mostly this is a protein shake.  Being consistent with this will be beneficial in supporting your body's repair processes.

3. Always having a water bottle close by!!

4. Headphones… if I'm training alone I need to have a good playlist at the ready, I really don't like listening to other people's conversations.  It's important, for me, to be in the zone and train hard without interference!

5. Getting a personal trainer is essential if you're not sure of what you're doing and you're wanting to see results. An experienced PT will help you make the most efficient use of your time in the gym and will design a plan which works for you, your needs and your lifestyle. Each workout will have a purpose, consistently moving you forward.  A plan which is prepared in advance is far more likely to be adhered to than one that is randomly thrown together.  Train hard, train smart and train consistently.

Claire Woodward, SuperGymChick, ElevenParis Tee, J Brand Leather Jeans, Donna Ida, fashion, fitness, outfitClaire wears ElevenParis Tee and J Brand Leather Jeans

DONNA IDA: You've been training Donna Ida Thornton for a few years now, what advice did you give her?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: Wow.  That takes me back… I first started training Donna in May 2010.  She surprised me actually.  I didn't believe she would stick to coming so regularly but as soon as she began to look and feel better, she made it a priority and worked towards her goal… which at the time was for her wedding to Bobby Dazzler.  She knew how she wanted to look and did what was needed to do to get there.  Her determination to achieve is admirable.  Finding time when you're a busy professional, can be hard, but what's the alternative?  Donna has mostly been very consistent with her training, and it becomes especially important for everyone when you're eating out more than you might like, training keeps your mind and body sharp and you certainly look and feel far better. There really is no substitute for consistency!

DONNA IDA: Why do you like shopping at Donna Ida?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: I LOVE visiting Donna's stores...the team are so friendly!!  Claire Venter once sold me a pair of jeans in under 60 seconds and most of that time was me trying them on!  Donna's team just get to know what looks good on you. I'm a regular visitor to her Draycott Avenue store, and despite the number of times I go in, there is always something new, something you 'must have'.

DONNA IDA: Who is your fashion icon?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: Sarah Jessica Parker. I just LOVE her style.

Claire Woodward, SuperGymChick, IDA jeans, denim, Donna Ida, fashion, fitness, outfit, LondonClaire wears IDA Jeans

DONNA IDA: How do you wear your jeans?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: Super skinny and low rise.  At the moment rips are everywhere which is a cunning plan. They look great but when the weather changes, we'll need something new!!

DONNA IDA: Describe your style highs and lows?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: Highs… not enough.  Probably doing the shoot for Donna Ida!!! Lows?  Too many. I tend to spend most of my life in gym kit, so sadly, it's never going to be a style high.  Saying that, I've recently re-discovered the amazing Hey Jo Leggings… and they certainly make you both look and feel great.  The gold detailing adds about as much glamour to a workout as is needed and sets you apart from everyone else… I highly recommend everyone should own a pair!!

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: Tough question, and it's not something I've ever had to answer.  Possibly I should have gone into fitness sooner, my passion was born at school loving 'games' more than anyone else I knew! Probably I would tell a younger me not to worry about anything as everything always works out just the way it should be. Oh and don't regret anything, except the time you spent with the wrong people.

DONNA IDA: What’s next?

Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick: I've just launched my website and I'm studying to become a qualified nutritionist... I think the best is yet to come, and I can't wait!

If you spend over £500 with Donna Ida between now and 31st December you will be entitled to a  free personal training session with Claire Woodward aka SuperGymChick at LAX South Kensington.

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