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Kate Percival is the woman at the helm of Grace Belgravia in West Halkin Street SW1 which opened just under two years ago in November 2012. ‎The 11500 sq ft health and wellbeing club has redesigned it's Californian inspired Café serving deliciously healthy ‎food both to eat in as a club member whilst non members can enjoy Grace to Go or a great selection of Grace home and office delivery programmes. Grace has recently introduced a range of cold pressed juices to their fresh juices and smoothies and as part of their soup and juice cleanse. We chatted to founder Kate Percival on how she came to create this perfect oasis of calm.

Kate Percival, Paige Jeans, Joie Blouse, Donna Ida, fashion, London, skinny jeans, denim, outfitKate wears Paige Jeans with Joie Blouse

DONNA IDA: Where are you from?   

Kate Percival: Great Britain

DONNA IDA: Tell us about your career history. Why did you come to open Grace Belgravia? 

Kate Percival: My first job was in the chairman’s office of Lloyd’s of London with a very tough female boss – who put me straight and gave me a real insight about work ethics.  Grace was the culmination of a 30 year career in marketing, branding and the service industry and as a working mother, I really wanted to create a space that nurtured and empowered women.

Kate Percival, J Brand Jeans, denim, skinny jeans, La Prestic Ouiston Blouse, print, leopard print top, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitKate wears J Brand Jeans and La Prestic Ouiston Blouse

DONNA IDA: What is it about the Grace Belgravia world that is so important for the Grace lady?

Kate Percival: I am immensely proud of what we have achieved in 22 short months – Grace really has become a home away from home for so many amazing women and a sanctuary where they can recalibrate, rejuvenate and get that very important “me” time – enabling them to go out into the world and be the very best they can possibly be.  But it is also a lot of fun – and incredibly healthy with many interesting people and things happening.

DONNA IDA: Your café is undergoing a makeover - what can we expect from the new look? 

Kate Percival:  Next week you can expect a really chilled space in the Upper Café – sofas, armchairs, beautiful light filled space where you can meet friends, enjoy a juice or coffee, do some work and eat the most deliciously healthy food in London!

Kate Percival, The Textile Rebels jumper, sweater, Paige Jeans, skinny jeans, denim, zip detail, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitKate wears jumper by The Textile Rebels and Paige Jeans

DONNA IDA: Which classes do you take to keep in shape? 

Kate Percival: Running around pretty much does it for me – but I am conscious of practising what I preach so I do Pilates with Jason and boxing, which is great fun.

DONNA IDA: We heard you launched Cold Press Juices, why did you launch these and which is your favourite? 

Kate Percival: We make the most amazing juices (and smoothies) at Grace, but they are difficult to transport alongside our home delivery programmes which provide three meals a day tailored to detox, soup and juice cleanse, vegan, protein etc.  Offering cold pressed juices means that our clients can enjoy our juices both in the Club and at home – packed with nutrients and with a 3 day shelf life.  My favourite is the Alchalizer, but Veggie Patch is coming up a close second!

Kate Percival, 360 Sweater jumper, grey, skull, black jeans, skinny jeans, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitKate wears jumper by 360Sweater

DONNA IDA: How would you describe your style?  

Kate Percival: I like to dress quite formally in the Club – people kind of expect it from me…so lots of dresses – so easy to get ready in the morning especially when I have to go through the whole day from an 8am breakfast meeting, lunch and a drinks party in the evening.

DONNA IDA: Who are your style icons? 

Kate Percival: Chanel of course.  And I love all things Armani.  That said I like colour in the Summer – a Winter of black, and I am ready for a lighter approach to my wardrobe.

DONNA IDA: How do you wear your jeans? 

Kate Percival:  Skinny – and now Donna has given me a make-over, I am over the moon….I shall be wearing them tomorrow as I travel to a wedding in Croatia…..will I get into them by Monday?

Kate Percival, The Textile Rebels jumper, IDA jeans, skinny jeans, blue jeans, denim, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfitKate wears jumper by The Textile Rebels and jeans by IDA

DONNA IDA: What is your best industry advice?? 

Kate Percival: Always go the extra mile…trust your intuition and always demonstrate integrity in everything you do.

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you? 

Kate Percival: Not work so hard!!  Realise that family and friends are as important as work.

DONNA IDA: What’s next? 

Kate Percival: Grace NYC?

Join us for our Grace Belgravia event on 16th September 2014

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