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Eimear Varian Barry is a very modern woman; she's a mum of two, a social media influencer, lifestyle blogger and model all rolled into one. After growing up in Ireland, her effervescent and bubbly personality led her to pack her suitcase and travel the world visiting and working in American and Australia before settling in the UK with her boyfriend. When she was pregnant with her first child, she started to document her life on Instagram and has never looked back. She now keeps her 64k followers entertained with her daily antics on Instagram stories and SnapChat plus she's launched her own blog The EVB Edit with behind the scenes on her photo shoots and fashion finds. We visited Eimear in her Surrey home on a beautiful Autumn day to shoot our new AW16 pieces and catch up on Eimer's style secrets.

EVB wears Mascoob Jacket Frame Denim Top and IDA Rizzo Jeans IMG_0140ssEimear wears Masccob Jacket & Frame Denim Top & IDA Rizzo Jeans

DONNA IDA: Where are you from and where?

I'm from Cork in Ireland. Brought up in the city, but up and down to the country as my father is from a tiny Irish speaking village on the West Coast.

DONNA IDA: How did you get started in the fashion world?

My first job was when I was 13 at Toni and Guy in Cork. I was sweeping the floors, washing hair and working with the most stylish, cool, eccentric hairdressers. Like a lot of teens, I then got a job in a clothes shop. All the time soaking up style inspiration and working with people.

EVB wears IRO Knit Frame Denim jeans IMG_0239ss

Eimear wears Jumper by IRO and Frame Denim Jeans

DONNA IDA: What inspired you to start your modelling and sharing your experience?

My mum has a video tape of me at age four saying I wanted to be a model. I was such a little poser! My mum had hippy style but owned one pair of black high heels. I would trot around in them in my bedroom to music and pretend I was on a photo shoot. I'm not a "model model". But I get to pretend I am when I do it with the fashion blogging side of my work!

EVB wears DONNA IDA Hepburn Roll IDA Rizzo Jeans IMG_0204ss

Eimear wears IDA Hepburn Roll

DONNA IDA: What are your tips for taking a great photo?

Oh this is a difficult one to answer because taking a photo is a very personal thing. I could tell somebody what to do technically, but capturing a photo comes from inside. The angle, exact time you click the camera etc. It's all unique to that person. But great lighting, strong subject and visual structure is imperative for a good photo.

DONNA IDA: Tell us about Fashion Week; what are your show highlights, what are you looking forward to and what are your survival tips?

I recently did work for Julien Macdonald on his social media, capturing the buzz of backstage on his Instagram stories. This was definitely my highlight of the season! I love the Preen show too. Always such beautiful pieces. My survival tips are as follows. WATER and enough sleep.

EVB wears DONNA IDA Hepburn Roll IDA Rizzo Jeans IMG_0166ss

DONNA IDA: What are your wardrobe essentials and how do you wear your jeans?

For Autumn, definitely a black leather jacket. I put it with everything. I wear my black skinny jeans with new balance or over the knee heeled boots. I think it's good to invest in a pair which you can dress up and down.
DONNA IDA: Why do you think jeans are such an iconic item?

They're just so basic, aren't they? They literally go with everything. It's super difficult to find ones that are a perfect fit for you though. We're all different sizes. When you find them, it's bliss and you'll honour that brand for life!

EVB wears IDA Sadie in Barely Black IMG_0318ss

Eimear wears IDA Sadie the Boiler Suit

DONNA IDA: Which are your favourite jeans from our shoot and why?

Definitely the IDA Rizzo in Thunder; they are high waisted which are great for a post 2 kids belly like mine! Perfect wash to (as I said) dress up or down.

DONNA IDA: Who is your denim icon?
Definitely Kelly Harrington - print designer at H&M. You need to check out her feed @kellouhar . She's denim obsessed and travels the world looking for style inspiration for her designs.

EVB wears Army Jacket DONNA IDA Cut Loose Shirt J Brand Leathers IMG_0101ss

Eimear wears J Brand Leathers & Army Jacket

DONNA IDA: Where in the world are girls best dressed? What kind of style do you admire?

Oh this is a tough one! But I would say London. It's so diverse and focuses more on the creative side of fashion. I used to think it was New York, but when I lived there, Manhattan didn't challenge me style wise at all. Brooklyn/LES is where the real style is. I am, however, obsessed with how women dress in South Korea and Copenhagen.

DONNA IDA: What’s your favourite restaurant?
The corner room at Town Hall Hotel or Bistroteque.

EVB wears Mascoob Jacket Frame Denim Top and IDA Rizzo Jeans IMG_0151ss

DONNA IDA: Where’s your ultimate holiday destination?
Cuba! I haven't been yet (only in my dreams!) I'll wait until the girls are older to go.

DONNA IDA: What is your favourite fashion magazine?

I know it's not primarily fashion, but the styling in The Gentlewoman is amazing.

EVB wears Army Jacket DONNA IDA Cut Loose Shirt J Brand Leathers IMG_0093ss

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Trust the timing of your life. It will all happen and all fit into place. Just be patient with it. Keep your mind open to every single experience. Stop being so self obsessed. It's causing you anxiety.

DONNA IDA: What’s next?
I'm filming something with ITV next week and then I'm off to the Irish Design Awards. I'm taking Daniel and the girls. Any excuse to get home is great! I have a few more collaborations in the next few weeks with some brands. I am incredibly blessed that what I started 3 years ago is finally taking fruition.

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