I Heart Minnie Rose Cashmere

I'm Claire and I am a Minnie Rose-aholic. I admit it. I can't get enough. I have Minnie Rose Pow Wow Knits in Black, Taupe and Grey, I have Minnie Rose Ruffle Shawls in Black, Grey and Red. If I'm not using them to layer up and navigate the tricky British weather, by which I mean freezing, boiling, rainy, little bit cold, like a sauna etc etc, they have been my trusty travel companion. I have taken them far and wide, from New York to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mumbai, Croatia, Alicante and Paris.

Donna Ida Thornton, Minnie Rose Ruffle Shawl, fashion, London, outfit, Donna Ida Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton in her Minnie Rose Ruffle Shawl

Why do I love them? First the quality is beautiful. The 100% cashmere pieces don't bobble, they stay in perfect condition through wind, rain and shine. If you are looking for a long-term investment piece, then you've found your perfect match. It will never, ever let you down. Second of all, the styling is so easy. Our Stylist shows you how to wear the Ruffle Shawls in her blog - you can wear it as a cape or wrap it round and make it into a scarf. What is not to love about that? That's like a two in one style solution! This is why they are fantastic for travelling. They double up as a luxurious blanket or pillow - just watch the envious looks in the airport. The Pow Wow Knits can be worn by any one of any shape - curvy, skinny, you name it, the gentle V-Neck and side slits make this a universal piece which is always flattering. On a cooler Spring/Summer day it is perfect. On a cooler Autumn/Winter day you can layer it.

Minnie Rose the Pow Wow Knit, Ruffle Shawl, Donna Ida, fashion, London, outfit I'm wearing double Minnie Rose - the Pow Wow Knit and Ruffle Shawl

Finally, the colours are reinvented every season. This season we are looking at beautiful Minnie Rose Ruffle Shawl in Navy Blue - seriously, for Autumn/Winter with a fur coat and J Brand Leather Jeans, then in Spring/Summer with a striped top and IDA Rizzo in Milk? Yes! How about a Ruffle Shawl or Pow Wow Knit in Forest Green? With some dark indigo skinny jeans from J Brand or IDA, layered up with a basic long sleeve top from Rabens Saloner and finished off with a pair of converse or knee high boots. Tres chic weekend look. Or the Ruffle Shawl or Pow Wow Knit in Autumnal Brick Red, all super luxurious to finish off an all-black outfit in the colder months. I'm also in love with the classic shades, I promise you cannot go wrong with a Black, Taupe or Flannel Grey colour.

Donna Ida, Minnie Rose, Ruffle Shawl, fashion, London

So what are you waiting for? For that matter, what am I waiting for...race you to the Navy Blue!

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Written by Claire Etchell PR & Marketing Manager at Donna Ida and blogger for NakedPRGirl.

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