How to Dress Athletic Calves

Donna Ida Thornton gives her top tips on dressing Athletic Figures and how to slim down calves.
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Video Transcript; "Hi welcome to the denim clinic. We've had so many people sending forms through the denim clinic section of our website asking how to dress bigger calves that we thought we should do a little video giving you some tips and suggestions on how to dress bigger calves. The obvious solution is to wear flares. There are a couple of brands that I really love for flares, Citizens of Humanity and Goldsign. They both look amazing; they do really good quality flares, and they always get the shapes and the fits right. The fantasy flare is by Citizens of Humanity. It is really a statement piece, this one. It is fantastic, high waisted, wide legged, really would look beautiful. There's the Goldsign. This is the Alan, fantastic shape. Nips in at the knee, flares out. If you do worry about your calves at all, this is going to solve your problem. You can definitely still wear skinnies, just think about the whole outfit. If you want to go for something like a super-stretch, like this one here, which would be really form fitting, it would look great tucked into boots, like a biker boot or a riding boot or something like that so that it will just sort of disguise the calf a little bit and you also have a nice tight jean that's tucked neatly into the boot. If you want to go for a heel or some ballet flats or some sandals or something like that, J Brand do a really good shape called the 811, midrise to the ankle, it's skinny but not too skinny. It's a really good in-between jean so it won't grab onto your calf. Another great shape to think about is boyfriends. It's something people don't tend to think about in winter too much, it's traditionally more of a summer jean, but it is a great year round jean. It won't cling on too much, so it will be looser in the thigh, bigger around the calf, and you can wear it rolled up with ankle boots, you can even roll it down and tuck it into boots if you wanted to, if you didn't have a very big boyfriend, if you had a slim leg. This one by Goldsign is called the His Jean. It is a really nice shape, it's not a huge boyfriend; it is a nice slim one. It is a good thing to think about if you are looking for something with bigger calves. As always don't dismiss any perceived figure flaws as a reason why you can't wear jeans or jeans aren't for you. Send any problems you have through to the stylist on the denim clinic and we will always keep posting videos and advice on the denim clinic, so keep coming back for more tips on how to wear jeans."

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