Folio Cookware for Petronella's The Human Being Diet

Folio Cookware Donna Ida
For those following Petronella Ravenshear’s The Human Being Diet (click here to find out more and buy the book), Folio Cookware is an absolute essential. I love mine and use them every single day to cook up my favourite dishes time after time. These 4-ply ceramic, non-stick pots are essential for the diet plan when you’re cooking without oil. They are made of lightweight cast aluminium and feature an unbreakable body with excellent cold and heat retention. They're also really stylish, and you know how much I like everything to look good, especially in the kitchen.
Folio Cookware Donna Ida
Their non-stick coating is from Swiss Coatings manufacturer, Iiag, and makes them perfect when you’re limiting oils in your diet. That means your pans don’t get damaged and you can still be ambitious in the kitchen!

Folio pots are also extremely versatile and can be used on electric or gas cooktops and oven or induction. In addition to being lightweight and unbreakable, the crocks and casserole dishes are oven safe too, meaning that they are a one-pot wonder.

Folio Cookware Donna Ida
We know that a good set of pots and cookware are an investment, but they can last a lifetime. With Folio, you get high quality pieces that are designed for stacking (and are dishwasher safe too), so this fuss-free collection is a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Folio Cookware Donna Ida
These Folio pieces will make it even easier to follow Petronella’s The Human Being Diet and they are a great investment!


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