Donna Ida's Crib Sheet for The Human Being Diet by Petronella Ravenshear

 If you’ve landed on this blog, chances are you’ve been following Petronella and me over on Instagram and you’re intrigued by The Human Being Diet. The blog below is designed to be a little support to people following the plan. 

The Human Being Diet is scientific, and it is really really important that you read the book BEFORE you start this plan. It is crucial that you understand why you are eating and drinking what Petronella recommends.

The book includes everything you need to get started, it is a complete plan to a new and healthier life. I have been following this plan for years (see here on the blog before ) and I swear by it. I’ve also seen friends have incredible results.

So if you're interested in giving The Human Being Diet a go, here is my crib sheet for the first 16 days of Petronella’s plan! Hopefully my pointers will help make the journey a bit easier for you.

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Petronella’s The Human Being Diet can be purchased from Amazon here and on Petronella's website here and join us every week for Instagram Live on Tuesday at 2pm for a check in.

Petronella and Donna Ida

My The Human Being Diet Crib Sheet

The first two days 

For the first two days I make a vegetable stew of leafy greens and add curry powder and turmeric for flavour. I eat a bowl of this three times a day with a black coffee chaser. It’s super simple! Petronella's recipe for vegetable soup is here.

Half an hour before you eat breakfast on the first day take a dose of Epsom Salts, which is 4 teaspoons of Epsom Salts in warm water.  Drink this quickly and wash down with fresh water.  You should have a complete clear out over the next couple of hours. If you don’t, repeat half an hour before lunch. If you still don’t go, repeat the following morning (not for a third time in the evening in case you don’t sleep). It should work on the first go though.  

This is what I eat daily, it works and I keep it super simple!  

All weights below are the raw/uncooked weight.

My Breakfast

  • 1 egg poached in water
  • 100g vegetables which can be a mix of e.g. mushrooms, courgette, cauliflower, onion, spinach – no root vegetables.
  • 1 apple. You can just eat the apple or what I do is poach it in a little water with a few shakes of cinnamon. It is amazing!
  • Black tea or coffee

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My Lunch

  • 120g chicken or mince/beef, salmon or any white fish, turkey or pork with the fat trimmed off
  • 120g vegetables or salad which can be a mix of mushrooms, courgette, cauliflower, onion, lettuce, cucumber. All leafy green veg.
  • You can also include 2 x cherry tomatoes here in the 120g weight. Cherry toms are technically a fruit so only have 2 max and only once a day.
  • Black tea or coffee

My Dinner

  • 120g chicken or mince/beef, salmon or any white fish, turkey or pork with the fat trimmed off
  • 120g vegetables or salad which can be a mix of mushrooms, courgette, cauliflower, onion, lettuce, cucumber. All leafy green veg.
  • Black tea or coffee

Donna Ida Kate


I like to stay in what I call 'Phase 2' with oil so I often have 120g of veg/salad with a tin of tuna in olive oil for lunch. The tins are 92g each so you need one and a bit, it’s important to have 120g of protein to burn fat!

The other thing I have if I am in a rush or busy is 70gms of Manchego which is a sheep’s cheese. I add that to the 120g veg/salad at lunch or dinner. It’s a good fallback if you are busy but remember the cheese is higher in fat and lower in protein than the meat/fish options so don’t do it too often.

The Human Being Diet rules

  • No oil in the first 16 days, cook food in water only
  • Eat within one hour of getting up
  • The first bite of each meal must be protein
  • Finish eating within one hour
  • Flavour food with fresh, frozen or dried herbs only, powders can also be used, curry powder, turmeric etc. Nothing from a jar or bottle. Fresh garlic, chilli and ginger can also be used.
  • Allow at least 5 hours in between each meal
  • Do not eat after 9pm

After the 16 days

I eat exactly the same foods each day that I have been eating in the first 16 days except I will add one tablespoon of olive oil (only) to each meal. You can cook with it or drizzle it over salad.

Take a look at my husband, Bobby Dazzler's The Human Being Diet Recipes here and read the book!

Saturday evening cheat meals

You can have a cheat meal once a week and I do it on a Saturday evening (after the 16 days are completed). You can have whatever you want but be careful if you are a sugar addict like me, once you get the taste of it even once a week it really fires up the sugar monster again. It’s also important to always make sure your first bite of food is protein even on your cheat meal. When my friend Claire did this she lost about 30kgs and she kept her cheat meal to a Saturday evening – I think it really helps you get through the weekend.

Sunday morning cleanse

I take one dose of salts every Sunday morning half an hour before breakfast. I like to have a good clear out once a week and this is the day that works for me (I used to do this every Sunday, but I don’t currently).


After breakfast and dinner I take 4 magnesium tablets, this isn’t part of the programme it is just what I do. It is very important that you keep pooing every day. Take note of it and if you are not going to the loo at least once a day increase the dose. I take Solgar Magnesium Citrate 400mgs. Here is an important point.
A lot of people would get diarrhoea on this dose and that’s not what we want! If we poop out our meals before we’ve properly digested them we’re likely to be more hungry – I’d say if you get constipated, if you’re not going every day, take 400mg magnesium citrate and increase/decrease as needed. You will get to know what it is that your body needs but a good healthy constitution is ideal!


I drink 3 litres of water per day. Drink as much as you can in the morning so that peeing doesn’t keep you up at night. As soon as you wake up drink half a litre straight away.


You will burn the most amount of fat while you are sleeping. Make sure you sleep for eight hours each night.

Where to buy products

Astaxanthin - order here - not for the diet but great for skin - take 4!

Petronella originally recommended these to me:

  • Betaine HCL – for bloating or sluggish digestion, and/or poor nails or hair (do not take this if you have or suspect you have a stomach ulcer). Start with 1 at the beginning of each meal and if that feels okay and you don’t get a warm or burning feeling in your stomach (under your ribs) take 2 at the next meal and if that still feels okay continue with 2 per meal and 3 with treat meals.
  • Zinc – signs of low zinc include white spots on the nails, stretch marks – take 1 with food in the evening, but if you take the Biocare Multi you don't need to take extra zinc. 
  • Fish oil – take 2 with breakfast – fish oil counters inflammation and is good for stress, skin and immunity – this is a good one as it contains high levels of DHA for brain and eye health.
  • Vitamin C - for skin and immune system and to counteract stress – 1 with breakfast and 1 with dinner.
  • This is a great multi vitamin/mineral to cover your bases, 2 with breakfast and 1 with lunch.
  • B complex for stress, energy and overall health – 1 with breakfast.
  • Vitamin D with A, E and K – 1 with breakfast.

About the author Petronella Ravenshear
Petronella Ravenshear is a nutrition expert based in Chelsea, London and author of The Human Being Diet, which promotes 'feasting and fasting', allowing individuals to take control of their diet to reset their body and unlock boundless energy in the process.


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