Top Tips for Wearing White Jeans

Donna Ida Thornton's top tips for wearing white jeans...and why they're more flattering than faded styles. Take a look at our video above from Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton or read the transcript below:

Hi i'm Donna Ida and welcome back to the Denim Clinic. Today we're going to talk about my top tips for buying white jeans.

My First tip is about white over faded jeans, white jeans can actually be really flattering and they're much more flattering than faded blue jeans.

My second tip is to think about the Lycra content, this is a J Brand 811 and it has just 2% stretch which gives it a fantastic fit but not being too tight.

My third tip is to look for a good weight of denim, you don't want to be too thin because you can actually see through it and you don't want it to be too thick either because it will actually be quite hot, this jean here has got a nice medium weight.

IDA Rizzo Ankle Skinny Milk and Collar and Cuffs Jumper in Hot Lips and Racey Red

My fourth tip is about the pockets, these jeans actually have faux front pockets so they're fake pockets but a lot of the white jeans still have the actual pocket here, don't worry about that you can actually get it removed if it bothers you at all.

My fifth tip is go extreme, I love a white skinny in summer I think it looks so chic and also a white flare. For skinnies you should look at James Jeans or J Brand jeans, they do fantastic skinnies and for a flare look at Stella McCartney or Citizens of Humanity.

My final tip is about the fit of the jeans, normally with black or dark indigo jeans I would say to go as tight as you can because you will probably wear them a few times before you wash them but with white jeans you will probably wash them every time so just go for a nice fit, don't forget about wearing nude underwear.

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