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Sarah Tankel Ellis and Philippa Bloom have their fingers firmly on the fashion pulse as not only do they work in fashion every single day, they have also started their own blog designed to show you how to wear the same item in two different ways. The blog, aptly named WeAreTwinset because of their strikingly similar looks, is going from strength to strength and each day they share their fashion diaries with their growing fanbase. The girls are bloggers by night and fashionistas by day, Sarah is a Fashion Stylist on national television show LK Today and Philippa works in the fashion team at The Mail On Sunday's super popular YOU magazine. We caught up with them to find out how they got started, what we should be wearing for AW14 and how to pick the perfect wardrobe essentials.

WeAreTwinset, 360 Sweater, Mother Denim, jeans, Dropout Boyfriend Jeans, Donna Ida, fashionWeAreTwinset wear 360 Sweater and Mother Denim Dropout Boyfriend Jeans

DONNA IDA: Have you always wanted to work in the fashion world?

Sarah Tankel Ellis:  Fashion has been a passion of mine from when I was young and ever since I can remember I was scouring through magazines, cutting out pretty pictures and sticking them on my bedroom wall! I was always sure I wanted to work within the industry but it was when I did work experience that I knew that styling was for me.

Philippa Bloom: Having grown up in a family that predominantly worked in the fashion industry, it was always a natural progression for me to have a styling career. As a child, I always thought I wanted to be a designer, but after interning at various magazines I instantly knew that was the right path for me.


DONNA IDA: How did you two meet?  

Sarah & Philippa:  We both grew up in similar areas and shared a couple of mutual friends. Believe it or not, it was at an M&S press day that we first got chatting – the rest they say is history!

DONNA IDA: Philippa, You magazine is a must-read every Sunday - what it is like to work there?

Philippa Bloom: Every day I count my lucky stars working for YOU Magazine. I love having my Style Notes page to edit every week, as well as being lucky enough to travel the world for my main fashion shoots.


DONNA IDA: Sarah, you're a Stylist on LK Today, how did you get your job in television? How is it working with the divine Lorraine Kelly and stylist Mark Heyes? 

Sarah Tankel Ellis: I started by doing work experience with Mark – I went up to him in the middle of Topshop on Oxford Street and asked to come and work for him! I started nine years ago and never left! He is an amazing stylist and I've learnt so much from him and Lorraine is just lovely as well. We have a fab team and it's lots of fun!

DONNA IDA: How did you decide to start up the WeAreTwinset blog? What's the idea behind it? 

Sarah & Philippa:  Being such close friends we’ve always wanted to work together on something and after a push in the right direction by our lovely friend Gemma, we finally took the plunge with the blog. Whenever we saw each other we would always be wearing similar things and we're constantly buying the same items. So, we thought we’d share our buys and style tips and show people how you can wear the same item but in slightly different ways.


DONNA IDA: Tell us about the special pieces in your wardrobe

Sarah Tankel Ellis: Some of my favourite items include a vintage Chanel handbag my Grandma gave me and of course my wedding dress! Also the first pair of designer shoes I ever bought – my trusty black Louboutins! I saved for months to get them and I still wear them now.

Philippa Bloom: I had my eye on the Valentino "Rockstuds" for seasons and after a lot of justification (to myself!) about how many times I will wear them to various events, I finally bought a pair for myself earlier this year. Every time I wear them I stress out that they will get damaged... they look great in my wardrobe though!


DONNA IDA: What are your wardrobe essentials and how do you wear your jeans? 

Sarah Tankel Ellis: I’m a real jeans and tee kind of girl. Right now I’m loving the baggier more boyfriend styles, teamed with a crisp white tee and some tailoring. It’s a failsafe look and I always feel good in simple pieces. As for accessories you can’t beat a Chanel espadrille or a skater shoe.

Philippa Bloom: 'I have a serious skinny jean addiction; I have literally tried on every style from high street to high-end brands. The IDA Rizzo jean is such an amazing fit - super skinny all the way down and have a great high waist (perfect for covering all the lumps and bumps!) I'm really into wearing my jeans with logo/graphic sweaters with a pair or statement flat shoes.'

 WeAreTwinset, Philippa Bloom, Aiko Au Revoir Toyko Sweater, IDA Rizzo Jeans in Foggy London, denim, Dona Ida, fashionPhilippa wears Aiko Au Revoir Toyko Sweater and IDA Rizzo Jeans in Foggy London

DONNA IDA: What should we be wearing for AW14? 

Sarah Tankel Ellis: I will definitely be investing in a good coat; I may even add a pop of colour here and there with cobalt or red! A chunky ankle boot is key for my turned up jeans and oversized polo necks. I’m also looking for the perfect pair of checked trousers and a statement clutch.

Philippa Bloom:  AW14 is all about mixing your everyday wardrobe classics - such as loose tailored pants and an oversized camel coats, with statement accessories & colour popping details.

DONNA IDA: Who is your fashion icon? 

Sarah Tankel Ellis: Right now I’m loving Natasha Goldenberg – she’s a Russian stylist and she always pushes the boundaries.

Philippa Bloom: I've always loved Emmanuelle Alt's grungy yet effortlessly chic style.

 WeAreTwinset, Sarah Tankel Ellis, Aiko Oui T-Shirt, IDA Mabel in Noir, denim, jeans, Donna Ida, fashionSarah wears Aiko Oui T-Shirt and IDA Mabel in Noir

DONNA IDA: Where in the world are girls best dressed? What kind of style do you admire? 

Sarah & Philippa:  London! We have so much style and culture, there's nothing better than spotting great style on the streets and we're constantly getting ideas from people around us. Our styling ethos is - effortless style that looks thrown together, not like you’ve spent all morning getting ready.

DONNA IDA: Describe your style highs and lows? 

Sarah Tankel Ellis: I remember a navy velvet skirt, a psychedelic skirt and matching green tights from Tammy Girl – I’ll leave it at that! As for my style highs, I think just buying more cleverly as I get older, knowing what suits me and gaining more confidence with my own style.

Philippa Bloom:  My major fashion faux pas has got to be the days of buffalo boots with parachute trousers... that look was made for All Saints, not my ten year old self! As my style has developed, I've realised the versatility of mixing designer staples with every day high street looks. I love it when someone asks me where my outfit is from, and I can say "M&S"!

 WeAreTwinset, 360 Sweater, Mother Denim The Looker Skinny in China Blossom, jeans, Donna Ida, fashionWeAreTwinset wear 360 Sweater and Mother Denim The Looker Skinny in China Blossom

DONNA IDA: What’s your favourite restaurant? 

Sarah Tankel Ellis:  Japanese is my favourite cuisine and my all time favourite restaurant is definitely Zuma.

Philippa Bloom: 'It's not so fancy, but I have a rustic Italian restaurant over the road from my flat - they do the best chicken Milanese!

DONNA IDA: Where’s your ultimate holiday destination? 

Sarah Tankel Ellis:  I’ve always wanted to do a safari; it’s on my list of things to do before I’m 40!

Philippa Bloom: I'm actually planning my honeymoon at the moment. My dream would be to visit Mustique.


DONNA IDA: What is your favourite fashion magazine? 

Sarah & Philippa: YOU magazine of course!

DONNA IDA: What do you do to keep fit? 

Sarah & Philippa: We both belong to Virgin Active and love their range of classes. Our favourites are definitely body combat and body attack. They’re great at burning some serious cals!


DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Sarah Tankel Ellis:  I’d do it all the same again…enjoy every second!

Philippa Bloom: Not to overly stress out about samples not arriving for shoots, it always works out for the best in the end - enjoy it, it's fashion!

DONNA IDA: What's next for WeAreTwinset? 

Sarah & Philippa: We have lots of exciting projects coming up – watch this space!

Thank you to WeAreTwinset - follow Philippa Bloom and Sarah Tankel-Ellis on  Twitter and follow WeAreTwinset on Instagram.


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Written by Claire Etchell PR & Marketing Manager at Donna Ida and blogger for NakedPRGirl.

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