Skinny Jeans for Curvy Figures

Donna Ida answers your denim dilemma and explores skinny jeans for curvy figures in this Denim Clinic video. Embrace colour, pattern and different finishes whilst flattering your shape.

Video Transcript; "If you have a curvy figure, the main things to think about that will make it nice and easy for you is to look for a mid to high waisted jean. It will just give you a bit more leg so you feel like you are more proportionate and it will just slim down the bum and the thighs for you. The thing I really rely on a lot are James Jeans . They have this fantastic style called the Twiggy. It is higher at the back than it is at the front. It is really good for curvy girls. If you have a smaller waist than you do bum and thighs, it'll just give you a nice feminine figure and will make you feel good. You can be wearing a skinny. It's quite a cool shape but it will still give you that nice line and all the hold you need if you are quite curvy. You shouldn't really shy away from coloured, or coated, or printed. There's loads of things out there for you to try, so you should try and embrace some of those fashion styles. This is something that J Brand did and it's called the 811. It is such an amazing shape, midrise, slim on the leg, really easy to wear, and they're doing it in so many different colours especially through to next spring/ summer and all through the holiday season. It will just really fit you nicely, go into the waist and curve around the hips. It's a really good one to look at if you are quite curvy."

Try the James Jeans Twiggy Skinny Jean and the J Brand Coated Skinny in Purple for that flattering shape and fashion style that Donna recommends.

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