Marie Claire Denim Masterclass with Donna Ida

Marie Claire Masterclass with Donna Ida

Marie Claire's November issue is the Denim Special and who else would feature but London's designer denim boutique... Donna Ida!

Featuring product shots, quotes and reviews, Donna Ida dominated the pages of Marie Claire this month but our favourite piece was shooting the denim masterclass for Marie Claire TV.

Denim guru, Donna Ida Thornton took the crew through the world of denim at our Westfield store last month. Donna helped model Amelia try on all the different shapes and styles and also went through the best cuts for different body shapes. Focussing on curvy, boyish and petite figures, Donna explained which brands were best and which were best to avoid! The masterclass features styles from J Brand, Current Elliot, Goldsign and more...

The highlight of the masterclass, was  to see denim-shy Amelia, looking and feeling great in a pair of jeans after many years of hesitation. Amelia told me she was thrilled so many styles suited her but was particularly fond of the J Brand Majors, and we agree, they look fabulous on her!

To enjoy the denim masterclass videos and pick up all the hot tips in denim go to Marie Claire Donna Ida Masterclass

To read the article, be quick and pick up the November issue out now!

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