IDA TV - How to wear Cropped Jeans

The cropped jean is versatile and perfect for warmer weather. Jean Queen Donna Ida explains the fit of this timeless wardrobe classic.

Video Transcript; “Cropped jeans are actually a really easy shape to wear. You can wear them in the summer or winter; you just need to think about the footwear. This is a classic crop style. It’s Made-In-Heaven Paris and generally it will finish an inch or two above the anklebone, but some petite ladies even like to wear it as a full-length jean, which is perfectly fine. This is the J Brand GD. Some more voluptuous ladies like to wear this because it is not so tight on the calf. As with any crop styles, you just want to have a think about the length and what looks good on you. It might be above the ankle or at the ankle; there is no right or wrong. Just look at what suits you, and you can crop it to tailor what you need.”

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