IDA TV - How to find the right jeans for an apple shape

If you have slim legs, a smaller behind and carry extra weight around your middle, you're probably an apple shape. Apple shaped women will have the legs to carry off slim jeans, but are probably looking to disguise their larger waist and tummy.

Video Transcript; "Your typical apple shape will generally carry most of their weight around the middle section and then have a small or flattish bottom and nice slim legs. Go for a straight leg which will show off your slim hips while a bit of stretch will create leg length and will ensure the jean doesn't become baggy on the bottom and leg. Pocket detailing will give your bottom great shape and balance your figure. Most apple shapes are comfortable in a mid to low rise. If you are a lady who feels she has a bigger tummy and very slim legs, you may want a higher waist with a lot of stretch to hold you in. If this is the case you should check out Not Your Daughter's Jeans, James Jeans Twiggy, and J Brand Major. Otherwise for mid to low rise cuts, try J Brands 814, Nobody Cult styles, or Goldsign Misfit Super-stretch. There are two main things to think about for an apple shape. The first thing is don't go for too high-rise, or you'll find it cuts you in two. Think about a midrise possibly with a wider waistband which will be nice and easy to wear. The second thing to think about is the elasticity in the jeans. You want something that hugs those legs and really shows off your pins."

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