IDA TV - How to find the right jeans for a petite figure

Petite figures generally have beautiful proportions, just in a smaller package! A petite girl should highlight her curves without swamping her figure with too much fabric.

Video Transcript; "A petite figure will often have good proportions just in smaller measurements, like Alex here who's five foot one. She has nice gentle curves and a shorter leg, so a crop style looks fantastic on her. All washes, fading, and detailing give shape and show off petite curves. A mid-to-high rise will give the illusion of longer legs while a slim to skinny fit will enhance your neat frame and help give the illusion of height. Petites also look great in boot cuts and even flares, but if you're worried about too much fabric around the bottoms of your legs, a baby boot-cut can solve your problem. Some styles to look for include J Brand 910, and Babe styles, and the James Jeans Twiggy. If you're a petite figure, don't be afraid to take your jeans up; it's quite common to do that, especially in a crop style. It also looks really good with a little bit of the ruching at the bottom like Alex has here. It's just personal preference; whatever you like looks good."

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