How to Get Rid of Muffin Tops

Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton shares her ways of tackling the dreaded muffin top. Featuring James Jeans, Paige and Goldsign.

Welcome to the Denim Clinic, today we're going to talk about muffin top.

It's an issue that so many women worry about because if you buy your jeans at the right size they need to be nice and snug at the waist so that they don't end up too big around the bum and the thighs, so you will have a little bit of muffin top at first if your buying your jeans at the right size.

If for example you are an apple shape you probably will have more weight around the middle and have slimmer bottom and thighs, in that case you might have a bit of muffin top all the time which is perfectly fine you just have to look for jeans that have maybe a wider waistband, it's a really good way to disguise it and hold everything in a bit.

Goldsign do a double waistband here, the waistband is wide with a double button which is a really good solution.

Another great option is James Jeans they do these fantastic Twiggies that I love, I wear them all the time and they're a lot higher at the back than they are at the front so it does tend to hold you in a bit more and get rid of that muffin top so it's a really good one to think about.

Paige also do the wider waistband with the double button, which I think is fantastic, just gives you a little more coverage here and holds everything in. The back being a little bit higher does tend to solve the problem.

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