How to Care for your Denim

Donna Ida Thornton shows you how to make the most of your denim by caring for it correctly in our Denim Clinic video. A transcript is included below:

Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton: 'Caring for your denim is really easy but you do need to read the manufacturing instructions, if it says a cold wash that isn’t 30 degrees it is actually a cold wash. It is really important that you don’t wash your jeans hotter than they recommend, don’t put them in the dryer or over the radiator, it is much better just to lie and dry them naturally and they will last for a lot longer. The other thing to think about is indigo, indigo isn’t a colour fast dye and it is designed to fade and it will run a little bit so don’t sit on white sofas with brand new jeans on, just think about it a little bit with your light car seats because indigo can bleed and they are designed to.'

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