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Lorna Burford is a denim expert, she's the Editor of DenimBlog and recently founded The Jeans Blog for all things denim. We were delighted when she agreed to share her tips with us for AW14 denim trends. Take a look and make sure you visit Lorna's website for the latest denim trends and news.

Lorna Burford: 'As the Summer is coming to an end, we welcome Autumn with open arms. I know it's one of my favourite seasons, not only because the leaves turn that beautiful orange hue and the air is crisp, but mainly because of the fashion. I adore the darker washed jeans, the structured fits and the amazing combinations that you can get for Autumn, using rich tones and more! I've rounded up 5 of the top denim trends for Autumn 2014 so make sure you are ready to embrace the season with these pieces!

lorna-burford-black-skinny-jeans-brown-leather-waistcoat Lorna Burford of The Jeans Blog

Denim Overalls: The denim overalls/dungarees trend has been popular all throughout Summer, but more and more denim brands are releasing their take on the trend and it's going to be a hit into the Autumn as well. Instead of pairing them with sandals and tees, why not layer over a structured blazer and wear a blouse underneath. Throw on some heels and statement jewellery and you have a dressed up version of a 90s classic, appropriate for Autumn!

ida denim overalls

Boyfriend Jeans: Boyfriend jeans are not just for Summer anymore! Sure they are a style that is huge during the warmer months, but they are incredibly versatile and if you go for a slouchy skinny option, they can take you through Autumn and Winter as well. The key to boyfriend jeans is in the styling. Make sure you have a slimmer fitting pair so they don't swamp your frame when you are pairing them with your jumpers/sweaters and other layers. There are so many amazing boyfriend jeans to choose from and the best thing about this cut during Autumn is the fact that you can get black and dark blue washes, not just the light blues!

ida boyfriend jeans

Patchwork & Distressing: Another trend making its way onto the scene for the coming season is patchwork and distressing. Denim brands like Paige have released versions of their jeans with metallic and plaid patches on the knees, getting quite inventive and creative. You will also be finding contrasted denim patchwork on jeans, using various washes such as grey and black as well as distressing. Distressing is big anytime of the year, whether it's roasting outside or you're frozen to pieces, so you will always find styles with gorgeous ripped up shreds. Think Frame Denim and J Brand!

paige patchwork

Denim Skirts: Denim skirts have been a popular way of wearing the fabric for Summer. So many brands have brought back the 90s and chosen various types of skirts, from pencil to maxi and mini, some with distressing and zips, others without. Everywhere I look, there's a denim skirt. The good news about this though is that the trend is carrying over into AW14 and I know a lot of brands are bringing out darker washed versions for the cooler weather. I think denim pencil skirts are the way to go if you want to jump on board this trend and again, you can dress them up either with a denim shirt or a classic shirt and blazer, just as much as you can dress them down!

ida denim skirt

Classic Blues: Finally, we have classic blues. Not so much a trend, but a classic. So many premium denim brands over the past couple of years have been releasing print upon print upon print, mixed with bold colours, different fabrics and more. For a while the classic blue jean was lost among this, but now I am happy to report that there are going to be loads to choose from for the coming season. Prints have taken a back seat to make way for the authentic looking vintage washes that make us all fall in love with denim! This is in the form of actual vintage jeans being re-worked into current pieces and other brands replicating the shades!'

ida classic blues

Written by Lorna Burford
of The Jeans Blog.

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