Donna's Speedy Tomato Chutney

Team, you know I am super fast and efficient, and that includes recipes.

This is my Speedy Tomato Chutney. It is so easy you’ll want to make it all the time. Extra points if you grow your own tomatoes as this will be even more delicious.

This recipe is The Human Being Diet Friendly in terms of ingredients but you only need a spoonful to perk things up (so don’t have too much).
Donna's Speedy Tomato Chutney

Cherry tomatoes
Splash of white vinegar
Add any old veg to use things up - like courgette and shallots

tomato chutney recipe
tomato chutney recipe

Add Cherry Tomatoes to a small pan
Add Splash of white vinegar
Add a large spoon of honey
Add salt
Chop the rest of veg into small pieces (courgettes and shallots) and add to the pan
Boil the mixture in a small pan
Stab the tomatoes with a knife to release the juices
Stir occasionally and let it reduce down
Take it off the heat and allow it to cool

tomato chutney

When cool, store in a glass jar
Keep refrigerated and add to breakfast and lunch dishes to add interest

I follow Petronella’s The Human Being Diet plan so if you’re interested, you should read the book first which you can buy here.

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