Donna's Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

This is my super fresh Chicken Stir Fry with lots of beautiful vegetables. The flavour comes from the delicious chicken stock and Zest and Zing spices.
Donna's Chicken Starry

Donna's Chicken Stir Fry (Super Clean)

Donna Ida Chicken


120g Chicken
Vegetables including courgette, mushrooms, shallot, cabbage
Donna Ida Chicken
Donna Ida Chicken

Thinly chop the vegetables and chicken and add to a medium pan
Add Zest and Zing Garlic Chilli, Zest and Zing Asafoetida and Salt
Add one to two tablespoons of chicken stock 
Stir it continuously so it doesn’t stick
Donna Ida Chicken
Donna Ida Chicken

Serve in a bowl and add seasoning if required.

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