Donna’s Vegetable Pancakes Recipe

For breakfast I love to cook a fresh pancake using an egg and fresh vegetables. The herbs and spices add extra zing to this dish which is super easy.
Donna Ida Recipe

Donna’s Vegetable Pancakes

Donna Ida Recipe

100g mixed vegetables (eg Courgette, tomato, shallots, mushrooms)
1 Fresh Egg
Zest and Zing Garlic Chilli
Fresh chives
Donna Ida Recipe
Donna Ida Recipe

Finely slice the vegetables
Add your egg into the same bowl
Whisk together
Add Zest and Zing Garlic Chilli
Add fresh chives
Coat a small frying pan with olive oil
Use a spatula to get every last bit from the bowl into the pan
Use a plate to cover the pan so the top cooks at same speed for a few minutes 
Loosen the edges with mini spatula
Toss in the pan or use a second pan to flip it into
Donna Ida Recipe

Serve with fresh basil leaves 
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