Donna’s Pesto with Penne Recipe

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Donna’s Pesto with Penne

Rating: Bit Naughty
Donna Ida Recipes

80g Gluten Free Pro Fusion Organic Green Pea Penne
Olive Oil
Fresh Basil
1 Cherry Tomato

Method (Penne):

Add Pea Penne to a pan of boiling water (this can be quite feisty so keep an eye on the pan)
Add olive oil and salt towards the end
This takes around ten minutes to cook
Donna Ida Recipe
Method (Pesto):

To make the pesto, I use a Theromix with basil, garlic, a large pinch of salt and big glue of olive oil
You can use a Russell Hobbs food processor if you don’t have a Thermomix.
Donna Ida Recipe
Donna Ida Recipe

Drain the penne, put the penne back into the warm pan and add two tablespoons of pesto
Finish with a cherry tomato
Donna Ida Recipe
Donna Ida Recipe
Make it naughtier:

Stir in Double Cream for an extra indulgent day
Top tip - you can use this leftover pesto on top of egg for breakfast

I follow Petronella’s The Human Being Diet plan
so if you’re interested, you should read the book first which you can buy

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