Donna Ida’s Top Tips for Wearing White Jeans

Jean Queen Donna Ida shares her tips on wearing white jeans.
Donna Ida White Denim
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We all think that white jeans are scary. But summer is approaching, so we can find the right white jeans for you.

To help you overcome your fear of wearing white jeans, I’ve put together my top tips on how to choose a pair.
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Tip 1: don’t go too tight

Remember: you don't have to go skin-tight.

Normally, if it were a blue denim or black denim, I’d always say, squeeze yourself into the smallest pair you can, but in a white jean, you're going to wash it a lot more than you normally would with a pair of black or blue jeans.

You will probably wash them every single time you wear them. So just go for a nice fit. You don’t want to wear anything that's too big because it will just make you look bigger.

Go for a nice fit where you can put say two fingers down the back waistband. Make sure it feels nice, a little bit roomy, not too tight. Remember we wash them a little bit more than we normally would!
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Tip 2: Think about weight (of the denim!)

Think about a nice weight of denim. You don't want it to be too thick because it's summer, but you don't want to be too thin, either. You also want it to be really flattering on the leg and not to attract any cellulite marks (in my case), or anything else you may be worried about. 

You can also cut out the pocket bags in the front pockets.

When we first started with our shops in Chelsea, people didn't like that there was the extra bulk of a pocket bag at the front of the jeans, so we just cut those out. Any tailor will do that for you and it makes it look and feel a little bit smoother. Personally I don't worry about it. But I do know a lot of people do like to have that nice clean finish.
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Tip 3: Roll them up

Think about rolling them up as well. I always think with a nice skinny pair of jeans, just to make it look a little bit more summery, you can just roll the ankle. You can do that with a skinny or a boyfriend or a straight jean, and it makes it look a little fresher. 
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The other thing to think about is always the length. Nothing's ever perfect, it’s very likely that you will have to alter your jeans. I have to alter all of my jeans, but anything that is a skinny or a boyfriend jean or a jumpsuit, I roll it. But if it's a flare, of course I have to alter it.

Make sure that when it's being altered, you take the length from the back of the jean, never measure it from the front or it will end up too short. Tailor it from the back of the jean (so from your heel) to make sure that it is a nice long length.

Also consider if you have one leg longer than the other (I do). 
If you do, remember to measure them both! If not, you only have to measure one.
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Get Summer ready with a pair of white jeans

Those are my top tips for white jeans. I think they're a really lovely thing to wear in the summer if you like to be covered up. I'm not someone who always likes to wear a short skirt and wearing white jeans is perfect because you feel covered and you feel well dressed, but you still feel really nice and summery. And that's what I love about them.

Watch Donna Ida give her top tips about wearing white jeans below:

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