Donna Ida on Fashion Foie Gras

Behind the scenes with Fashion Foie Gras and Donna Ida..Here's what one of our favourite fashion bloggers had to say after her denim clinic experience with Donna.

Last week I had the great pleasure in meeting one of the most amazing women in this industry that I have met to date! Her name's Donna Ida and yes, she's THE Donna Ida behind the stores. I was invited in to experience the process of buying jeans with the jean-ius (oh, I love what I did there) herself.

Now for those that know me you'll know that this body provides a great challenge when it comes to any clothing. I'm 6'2 and I've put on a good ten pounds since I started blogging two years ago. There, I said it out loud (man, who thought blogging would be admission therapy). It's the reason it's damn near impossible for me to call in anything from designers because nothing ever fits right. I like to think of myself as an outlier when it comes to body shapes. I rock it, but the fashion world doesn't always rock with me. So I was presenting Donna with a challenge. Jeans are impossible to find that fit a girl who requires a 34-36 inch inseam and 32 inch waist. It just doesn't happen. Apparently, anything is possible in Donna Ida.

I had honestly gone in with the idea that I was going to write about the shop and all the different options they have on display and then revisit again after I'd dropped the new tenner I was carrying! However, Donna took one look and knew exactly where to send me. She wasn't judging. She didn't scowl when I said I avoided jeans like the plague as I refused to be a part of the Muffin Top Posse. She just smiled and took on the role of my jean fairy godmother.

She then introduced me to a jean that has changed my life... I kid you not! I will rarely wear another. It's called the Misfit from Goldsign and it's heaven to your legs and bliss to your look! I'm now calling these the "non-jegging jegging" as they are so stretchy and soft that they could be a jegging but aren't. Ok, I know that doesn't make sense but when you touch and feel them you'll understand what I mean. The stretch is incredible but it's still denim! They also do everything that support tights would do for your bum and thighs! Lift and hug, darlings! I'll warn you that they don't look like much on the shelf or in flat images but these are magical! Now there's no point beating around the bush on this one. These guys are expensive, £280 expensive. But for a good pair of jeans I think you'll find most of us would be willing to spend up to £500! I know I would. This is a wardrobe staple and you know how I'm always preaching about investing in the staples and saving on the trends!

For those of you that don't know Donna and want to see her in action, here's a great clip in which she talks about finding the perfect jeans for a curvy gal!

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