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donna ida, london fashion, london blog, london style, blogger style, blogger fashion, kristinaName:  Kristina Lara Ursula Stephanie Stuckenbrock

Job Role: Client Services & Web Dispatch & Stock Controller

What does you current job involve?  My job entails quite a bit as you can tell from my title! I am currently heading up all client services and web dispatch. This means that all I respond to all customer enquiries we receive, as well as process and dispatch all the web orders. I am also in charge of the stock and responsible for getting it distributed to our four stores.

What are your biggest achievements? I would say I am most proud of the degrees that I have worked very hard for over the past years. These include a Masters in Strategic Fashion Marketing and a Bachelor’s of Science in Apparel Design & Merchandising. I have also lived in different parts of the world and would say that I am quite proud of my ability to move to new places and adapt to different cultures. It isn’t always easy but I have had so many amazing experiences in doing so.

When/what was your big break? After I finished my Masters it was quite difficult to find a job in the fashion industry as it is so very competitive and entry level positions can be hard to come by! I was determined to find something and finally one of the recruiting agencies I registered with asked me to come in and interview with Donna Ida – the rest is history, the company was the perfect fit!

What is the best part of the job? I would say the best part of my job currently is responding to styling questions from our customers. We have a lot of customers write in and ask about what denim styles best suit their shape, or how to wear high waisted jeans and I love being able to offer some advice and help them find something that they will really love!

What is your past experience? My past experience is quite varied but all relates to fashion! I spent a summer in Milan studying Fashion Marketing and Journalism which was amazing! I have also spent a summer in Berlin studying German and brushing up on my heritage. Most of my work experience has been in retail over the years, with a variety of different retailers. Prior to Donna Ida, I was with Michael Kors, with whom I completed an internship in their Retail Coordination Department during my time at University in London.

What are your everyday essentials? Number one is my iPhone, I basically feel helpless without it being within arm’s reach! I never leave the house without my makeup bag as I often like to go out after work and need a sprucing up after a long day in the office! I’m also usually cold in this country (grew up in California) so I will always have a scarf tucked away somewhere.

What is your best industry advice? My advice to anyone starting out in the industry would be to try as many different things as you can and to take advantage of every opportunity, you never know what will stand out to employers and what will get you through the door! I also say you absolutely have to work hard – and stay dedicated! The work is not always easy, and it is certainly not always glamorous, but if you stick with it, you will find that it can be really rewarding!

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