What's in Your Bag - Gaby Basora

What kind of bag do you have?

Marc Jacobs Collection Bag

Designer/vintage/colour/where you got it from or who gave it to you… anything interesting about it?

It is amazing! Though I’m not sure it was designed to be used the way I do, overstuffed, it fell out of my bike basket on Madison Avenue.

I stuff my laptop in it and even stuffed a little pup in when I went into a great eyeglass shop called Silver Lining and wanted to see how easy it might be to get a pup around town.

What’s in it?

Also overstuffed but dearly loved is my wallet, a bag in and of itself from friend’s line, panyc, in Mexico City where my friends make them by hand.

Flip book titled ‘tree tops’ by Sarah B. Flipping through feels like a cool breeze.

No notebook, but LOTS of napkins with drawings/reminders and thoughts or postcards from restaurants/exhibitions with notes drawn with my Tiffany pen that I got when I graduated from college.

Makeup/beauty must haves?

I am fixated with a coral lipstick called coral fixation by Mark. Aptly named.




Keys to the apartment, to the bike lock, to the new shop. I just try to have at least two out of three in my bag and often have none. We never had keys to the house growing up. I just walked in the garden door. My favorite spot to wait out a lock out is Sant Ambroeus in the West Village.

iPod- what are you listening to?

Harry Chapin, Run DMC, Audioslave, Bon Iver, Metallica. I just ran a marathon so the playlist is a bit slanted towards music that can get you past the 22-mile mark.


My medal from finishing the ING NYC marathon a week ago. It is the perfect accessory. I am carrying it in my bag to make sure I have it to wear if something comes up last minute. And soup can hoop earrings from Melissa Joy Manning.


Not in my bag…


Personalised tucker candies from the Papabubble for the kids, in case of emergency.


YES! YES! YES!! A pair or two, Oliver Goldsmith from my friend Sophia Wood, or a vintage pair by Paloma Picasso.


Yup, it takes a few weeks to read the Economist/New Yorker. Last man in Tower by Aravind Adiga, short stories by Alice Munro or a book of photographs that is inspiring me in design.

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