Ways to wear the Pallenberg Scarf

The Pallenberg Neck Tie inspired by style icon Anita Pallenberg is super versatile and incredibly chic accessory. This slim scarf comes in classic Noir and Milk and also is updated each season in new statement prints to add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. For AW17 the Pallenberg features celestial details with the best-selling Star Crossed and new To The Moon & Back prints which can be worn with silk blouses and cashmere jumpers to complement or contrast with your outfit. Here are eight ways to wear your Pallenberg Neck Tie.

1) The Classic Bow - wrap your scarf around your neck once and carefully tie a large bow at the front, taking time to fluff it out with both sides of the bow even.

2) The Chic Tie - wrap the Pallenberg Neck Tie around your neck once and instead of wearing it loose, tie it at the top to pull the ends together into a tie.

3) The Masculine Tie - create a cool, edgy look with a long simple tie wrapped over at the neck.

4) Pure & Simple - keep it chic wearing the Pallenberg Neck Tie open and loose over your Be Bonnie Cashmere Jumper.

5) Off Side Rule - step it up a notch and tie your Pallenberg scarf to the side with the ends left straight. 

6) A Head for Business - add a little rock n roll to your look and tie the Pallenberg Neck Tie over your hair knotting it at the side.

7) Boho Babe - make your Pallenberg Neck Tie into a chic hair accessory by wrapping it underneath your hair and knotting it at the hairline to secure it, allowing the silk pieces to fall at the side.

8) Belt Up - your Pallenberg Neck Tie is so versatile it can be added to belt loops, handbags or even your wrists. Wear it with your favourite DONNA IDA high-waisted jeans as a belt and add bow for a feminine finish. 

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