The Voice of Julio

Last night I asked @twitter to be Julio's voice when @AONphoto sent me a picture of my Chihuahua which made me roar with laughter.  I tweeted the picture and asked for caption comments, with the one one which made me laugh the hardest winning a pair of @idabydonnaida jeans.  They were all SO GOOD though!!  Here is the list, from you clever tweeters.  Scroll right to the bottom for the winner!!

Emily Jerman Fashion ‏@emilyjerman - chino's - really - you make me wanna gag!!

Sharon McNab @ladyofthehouse  - Wow! That Vindaloo was HOT!

Es Connor ‏@BeautifulAdd_s - A-choo, aaa-choo, aaaa-choo!! Darn sneezes in this ridiculous British weather- they get me everytime

Martine Alexander ‏@YourStylist -it can NOT be 5am already?! How on earth does she do it evverrryy day?? Jesus woman, have a day off

Laura ‏@lauralkite  - For the last time. leggings. Are. Not. TROUSERS.

Katy Smith Katy Smith ‏@KatePinkSmith - "you're feeding me scallops?! Scallops?! I'm a caviar kinda dog! Do you know nothing?!"

Colin ‏@omgitsc - "What do you MEAN you don't have my size anymore!?!?"

Colin @omgitsc  - I can't even fit in to women's jeans, I just want to be funny.

J'Nae Phillips  ‏@JNaePhillips - I'll huff.. And I'll puff.. And I'll blow your house down!

Angie Nilson ‏@Angie_Nilson - when I grow up I want to be a gargoyle...


Sophie Osborne  ‏@SophieOsborne1

'I told the b***h at Starbucks I was lactose intolerant. Clear the room...'

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