The Beginning of Summer

At the start of every Summer there has to be one seriously sunny holiday to kick-start the tan and get me in the mood.  I did it last week with a quick trip to the Caribbean via Las Vegas!

We went with our friends Bill and Pat who live in Las Vegas and the four of us then flew down to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands where our friends Marty and Lisa live for half the year.  We were all there for the Boat International Regatta (they're all serious boat people, Bobby Dazzler and I are just serious fun in the sun people).

Here's our room view from the Ravella Hotel in Lake Las Vegas (no strip for me this time).

 Bill and Pat have their own jet so we set off early for the Caribbean via a fuel stop in Houston.

This is my friend Pat.  She's one fiercely fabulous lady.  Bill and Pat made all their money in 10 years running airport restaurants.  My favourite story is when cash flow was so tight and they couldn't make the payroll they went to Atlantic City to try to win the money.  Bill's a seasoned gambler.  They won the money and then Pat was thirsty so they went to the 7 Eleven for water and 7 Eleven couldn't break a hundred dollar bill.  From the sublime to the ridiculous!

Flying on a PJ is definitely the way to go.  Check out lunch!  And enough cases of pink Laurent-Perrier to see us to Virgin Gorda.

 Bobby Dazzler and I waiting to refuel in Houston.

 Finally, the Caribbean sun!  This is the gorgeous jetty on Virgin Gorda.  I fell in love with the colours.

Our villa.  Every room had an outdoor shower attached to the bathroom.  I need one of these in England!


 First night dinner party.  I'm exactly a foot shorter than everyone else.

Some of the boats at the regatta. It's impossible to show how fabulous they all are, but here are some pictures of two of my favourites, Icon (with me on board pretending it's mine) and Ingot.





Our friends Marty and Lisa own Chanticleer, a yacht made famous by its former owner Francis Langford the film star.  Though when Ms Langford owned Chanticleer, it had a helipad on top and was decorated top to bottom in pink!


 Heading back to the mainland in a worryingly teeny little plane.

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