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When fellow denim blog requested something fresh and edgy to review we couldnt resist sending them our new Superfine Super Swirl jeans.

Superfine Super Swirl Leather Jeans at Donna Ida

This is what denim reviewer Inga had to say;

'Skinny fit- check. Low waist- check. Leather panels - check. So me! I got even more overwhelmed when I tried them on, they fit just perfectly, or almost perfect- because of my 5'4 height there was a little material gathering at the bottom around the ankles when worn with flats which I personally don't mind, but with heels this "problem" is easily fixed for shorties like me. Other than that they fit me like glove and I had a feeling they were even slimming me down (what a great bonus!)

Detailing was just amazing and totally responded to my taste as I am a big fan of black skinnies in all forms. I found the combination of leather, denim and stitching just genius because it made me feel like I was wearing my two of my favourite items (leather pants and biker jeans) at the same time. The classic fit makes them timeless, but leather details give that special twist to any outfit, so I cannot imagine anything looking boring and dull when combined with THESE. On these photos I wore the jeans with my relatively new Zara wedges and an open check shirt for the casual look, whilst on the photos on my blog the outfit I tried was a little more formal, I would totally try them on with a smart tucked in shirt and heels for a more dressed-up look.

The rest of Superfine's Fall/Winter 2010 collection seems to be just as intriguing (as I've seen from the lookbook they kindly included) and although I've not heard of this brand before (mainly because it's out of my price range) I am now tempted to start saving up for a dream pair.'

And we quite agree! We have also just discovered Inga's blog which we hot is this girl!?!#

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