Style Spy with Angela Radcliffe

How I love anything by Chanel, a bag, jacket or even a lipstick, just seeing those two little CC's gives me pleasure. Imagine my happiness when  Marc from By Appointment invited me to the opening of the new Chanel installation in Harrods. Room after room of pure Chanel...I walked inside a handbag, strolled the garden, admired the couture room, and entered a child's nursery with a Chanel doll's house complete with Chanel curtains and lots of mini Chanel dolls....A true grown up fantasy!

Chic was the crowd too, many a Chanel jacket and bag. My favourite looks of the evening belonged to those who teamed theirs with jeans. It looked nonchalant and laid back rather than head to toe one look. Black with black skinnies, beige jackets with navy, and one of my favourites, pale pink with khaki. I love seeing it all mixed up just like the French girls would do it.

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