Style Spotlight with Kate Nash

What is your favourite outfit from the shoot?

Zoe Karssen Bat T-Shirt and Current/Elliott Leopard print shorts. It’s a really cute outfit, especially as I was relaxed lying down on the grass.

Do you have any style icons?

It’s similar to my musical tastes. I admire 60s girl groups, 50s movie icons and punk icons like Joan Jett and Kathleen Hanna.  I’m really into that 90’s riot girl scene. Cher from Clueless has a fun style too.

My style is based on my musical and movie heroes but I definitely have a sense of humour with how I dress. Sometimes I will buy clothes just if I think it’s funny. I once bought a floor length dress with ‘2000’ sequins embellished all over it – it’s my millennium dress. My sister hates it!

What’s your ‘go-to’ outfit?

I’ve got these Ksubi denim shorts, they’re high waisted and I usually wear them with a shirt tied into a bow. I style them up with a leather jacket, fishnets and Doc Martin boots. It’s my safe outfit for when I feel defensive and need to toughen up. Casual but cool. Something I feel secure in.

What draws you to vintage clothes?

I love vintage because everything seems so beautiful. There’s something really fun about it - everything has a story and you’re left wondering what the history is. I’m supportive of new and upcoming designers of course but I could spend a smaller amount of money and get a million more things.

What is it about London that you love?

I go through phases of hating and loving it. I’ve lived here all my life. I was born in North West London and went to college in South and now I live in East. So I feel like I really know the city. There’s a sense of individuality here, like a toughness to the city that can make you really creative. There’s a cynicism here that I hate but when that’s poured into a sense of humour, art, fashion or music it can be really inspiring. Then on the other hand there’s a real sense of community and we can all come together – just take the Olympics for example. The humble athletes were so inspiring representing this city and the country. It was beautiful and really important to bring optimism to London after last year.

What do you love about these locations?

This is such a relaxed area. I know loads of people around here. There’s a strong sense of community. The quirky thing about this area is the difference between the streets. Contrasting between these boutique designer streets to the grittier feel of Bethnal green – all within a ten minute walk of each other.

What’s your advice to those starting out?

Take your time as a songwriter. Believe in yourself and don’t set any boundaries or back up plans. Live your life to the full.

You’ll meet some of the best humans and some of the worst. It’s like a balance between light and dark. But you can choose what life can be. You can fill it with lightness or go down a dark path. It’s important to know yourself and stay grounded. All of that other stuff is so transient - so just pursue your own personal goals and dreams.

If you weren’t a singer what would you be?

I studied acting and did a couple of movies last year, which I’d love to pursue more of.  I love working with young people, for the last year and a half I’ve been doing projects in schools, giving young people confidence is the most rewarding thing I’ve done. It’s great to be able to use what you do as a platform to help other people. I’m also a really good waitress…

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