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In our new series of Style Insider, we're inviting our Donna Ida girls to share photos in their favourite denim pieces at home. Donna Ida girl Annelise Williams and her boyfriend Guy Harben have been staying with Donna and her husband Robert Walton MBE during their time in lockdown. They've been enjoying the delights of home cooking and the joys of Fernando, the famous Chihuahua. Here, we catch up with Annelise about fashion, family, friends and life after lockdown.

annelise williams donna ida style insider jeans

Donna Ida: Tell us your biggest lockdown achievement:

Running 5K for the NHS. Anyone who knows me knows .... I hate and do not run!!

denim jumpsuitI start my day here clearing emails and having breakfast before I start talking to customers.
- Annelise Williams


Donna Ida: If you could be locked down with anyone – not including your friends and family who would it be and why:

I think I would have to say Gino De Campo after watching his show with Gordon and Fred. He is absolutely hilarious and obviously he’s a chef and I love eating so it’s a perfect match.

annelise williams donna ida style insider jeans

Donna Ida: Show us your favourite ‘moment’ in your home.  What do you look at every day that makes you happy

Guy would like me to say it’s him but we all know it’s Fernando 🤷🏻‍♀️. I love the pictures Donna has around the house and there are always fresh flowers. The colours make me feel happy.


donna ida thornton house

donna ida thornton house

Donna Ida: If you could design a Donna Ida jean/jumpsuit or ready to wear item what would it be called?  We usually name the denim after girls that Ida would like to hang out with, and name the ready to wear pieces after the way they make you feel.

Penny - The Time of Your Life inspired by Dirty Dancing.

annelise williams donna ida style insider jeans


Donna Ida: I want to know more about your daily bread, are you going crazy with carbs and cocktails have you found your happy balanced place?

I have never been the type of person to actually watch what I eat but I have always made sure it's a healthy balanced diet. I've been lucky enough to have a chef cooked meal every night, Donna and Bobby are real feeders and I really think they experimented with how much they could feed me...congratulations Donna and Bobby you have officially made me FULL! 😂

annelise williams donna ida style insider jeans

Donna Ida: What is the first thing you’ll do when you get out? 

Go see my twin sister Sofia and give her the biggest hug. This is the longest we’ve been apart and I have missed her so much. I considered sneaking her in and playing sister act with Donna, if she wasn’t pregnant I think it could have worked 😂

annelise williams donna ida style insider jeans

Donna Ida: We’ll all get back to the airport at some point, when you do, what is the destination that will be on your boarding pass? 

Grab my whole family and go to our home in the south of France!annelise williams donna ida style insider jeans

Annelise wears Boy Dazzler in Stacked It - shop here, Cassandra in Fawcett Blue and Dolly the Flight Suit in Milk shop here.

Share your photos with us @donnaida @donnaidadenim #donnaidagirls

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