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Meet Maria Hatzistefanis, owner and founder of Rodial Skin Care. After embarking on a career in beauty journalism Maria launched her own beauty skincare range in 1999 and has been building her empire ever since. With a vast range of skin care products loved by many and adored by celebrities there's no stopping her. We caught up with Maria in her beautiful home in West London.

Maria Hatzistefanis, Mauro Grifoni Giacca Jacket, James Jeans Twiggy in Slate, denim, jeans, Donna Ida, fashion

Maria wears Mauro Grifoni Giacca Jacket and James Jeans Twiggy in Slate and Aquazzura shoes

DONNA IDA: Who is your Denim Icon?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'I love how Kate Bosworth works her denim look with a cool boot that makes it look effortless.'

DONNA IDA: Where in the world are girls best dressed? What kind of style do you admire?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Fashion and style are becoming global so I admire looks from around the globe. I love the edgy London look and the laid-back beach California look at the same time, plus with an added French bohemian twist. I am not a fan of anything too polished, imperfection is more interesting.'

DONNA IDA: Which style of jeans is your favourite?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Ankle skinny jeans, my latest purchase are a pair of destroyed jeans which I love to team with a camisole, oversize mens jacket and strappy sandals for the evening and converse and an oversize white shirt for the day.'

DONNA IDA: Where is your hometown?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Greece.'

DONNA IDA: Where is your favourite place to unwind?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'We have a place at the Cotswolds where we go at the weekend, I do lots of yoga and spend time chilling with the boys and our dog.'

Maria Hatzistefanis, J Brand Carey Moto Skinny Jeans in Lacquered Carnelian, IDA Weekend in Paris Cashmere Knit, Donna Ida, fashion

Maria wears J Brand Carey Moto Skinny Jeans in Lacquered Carnelian and IDA Weekend in Paris Cashmere Knit

DONNA IDA: What’s on your iPod at the moment?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Iggy Azalea, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora.'

DONNA IDA: What’s your favourite food or restaurant?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Club Steak at Shoreditch House.'

DONNA IDA: Where’s your ultimate holiday destination?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'I have been dreaming for a holiday in Bali, for a while...'

DONNA IDA: What are your Summer make up tips?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'I prep the skin with a pore shrinking product, such as the Rodial Superacid Pore Shrink Pads, I skip moisturiser and go for a tinted moisturise such as the Rodial Instaglam SPF30 in Hamptons and cover imperfections with Instaglam Eye in Aspen. I then use a Mac Pencil in Coffee and Rodial Instaglam Mascara in XXL Extreme Black. I finish the look with a Rodial Glamstick in a beautiful Summer coral lip butter called Wet.'

Maria Hatzistefanis,  J Brand 811 jeans in Infinity, skinny jeans, denim, Rebel Waite Shirt, Donna Ida, fashion

Maria wears J Brand 811 jeans in Infinity and Rebel Waite Shirt

DONNA IDA: What are your body care essentials?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'I exfoliate daily using the NIP+FAB Yoga Scrub, it has a very zen fragrance that is very relaxing. I moisturise daily after shower on slightly damp skin, using the NIP+FAB Bee Sting Deluxe Body Crème, it is super luxurious. When preparing for a Summer getaway, I start using the Rodial Tummy Tuck daily for two weeks in advance, morning and evening.'

DONNA IDA: How did you get started?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'In 1999, I saw a gap in the market for a skincare range that offered targeted treatment to specific skin concerns. Coming from a beauty editing background and a degree in business I wanted to create the next big thing in beauty.'

DONNA IDA: Where is your Head Office?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Kings Road in London'

DONNA IDA: What inspires you?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'I always get the best ideas when I travel, especially in California or Asia. I also love Instagram, I am inspired by beautiful pictures and colours.'

DONNA IDA: What is your business mantra?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Always have a Plan B.'

Maria, Current/Elliott Ankle Skinny Jeans, denim, jeans, Borough Destroy, IDA Chic for Brains Tee and IRO Ethal Jacket, Donna Ida, fashion

Maria wears Current/Elliott Ankle Skinny Jeans in Borough Destroy, IDA Chic for Brains Tee and IRO Ethal Jacket

DONNA IDA: If you weren’t a designer/founder what would you do?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'I would be a magazine editor.'

DONNA IDA: Describe your style highs and lows

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'The lows are bell bottom jeans which don’t suit me and there was a time I was obsessed with them, the high wearing a vintage Halston at the Rodial 5th Beautiful Awards last March.'

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Be more adventurous with separates and lighten my hair.'

DONNA IDA: What's next?

Maria Hatzistefanis: 'Rodial make up. Stay tuned.'

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