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For SS17, International Jet Set defines the DONNA IDA and IDA edit where Donna Ida Thornton has designed a collection to take the modern woman anywhere in life with key pieces that work in any occasion. Angela Radcliffe and Caroline Sciamma of newly formed stylist due Radcliffe & Sciamma embody this mantra as stylists that are forever travelling from one corner of the globe to another. They live and work by mixing luxury basics with statement pieces and beautiful accessories, changing up a look with the addition of a silk bow, or finishing it off with a printed scarf.


Angela Radcliffe Caroline Sciamma DONNA IDA Hepburn Roll Ginger Leather Pants IMG_2376

The duo have a wealth of experience, both starting their careers as fashion models, gracing the pages of premium magazines including Vogue and Elle as well as walking the catwalks for Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes. Since then, both women have gone on to forge independent careers in styling before joining together to create Radcliffe & Sciamma.

They have brought together a roster of celebrity and A-list clients who appreciate their vast experience, originality and style. When we arrive for our shoot in Notting Hill, Angela and Caroline’s workspace is a hive of glamorous activity.

Angela Radcliffe Caroline Sciamma Eliza Dungarees Miss Maggie Blouses IMG_2411

Designer clothes and glitzy heels are being wrapped, packed and dispatched to well-heeled women throughout the duration of our Style Insider session, but we managed to delve deep into the wardrobes of expert travellers Angela and Caroline to get their top tips for packing for a week away:



Staying true to your signature style with an edited wardrobe is key to easy packing. “I don’t buy a lot but every piece is a winner,” explains Angela. "Every piece goes with everything else and I stick to my signature style. I literally only take hand luggage for anything up to a week to ten days and the only time I take a full set of luggage is when I go skiing. So for example, if I was packing for a short trip, I’d pack, one pair of high heels, one pair of leather jeans and one pair of jeans, then a selection of shirts to mix and match."

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The more time you spend beforehand, the less stress packing will cause you. "Our outfits are so planned,” says Caroline. “It’s always frustrating when you take a small suitcase and you can’t take all of your options. As stylists we’re so used to having so many options so it does need to be really focused on your outfit and the exact shoes.”



Having your travel toiletries on standby is a fantastic time saver. “This is my bag of toiletries, which is the whole kit for a week,” Angela says holding up a large plastic makeup bag filled with small plastic bottles from Muji. “So if I’m going away for one week to ten days I just pick this up.That’s got Keratin Shampoo, sun cream, fake tan for the face, small perfume samples, Tom Ford Shimmer Cream if I’m dancing all night, Hydrocortisone Cream just in case, dry shampoo and so on. When I get home from that trip I just refill all my bottles and it just lives in my suitcase all year round so it is ready to go. ”


Caroline Sciamma IDA Dolly Flight Suit IMG_2501


The Marie Kondo magic of tidying has inspired a generation but Angela has always been a natural clever packer. “My mum is like it and my sister is like it too,” she says as she rolls clothes to pack. “I also use the small spaces in between the clothes to fit smaller things in, like bikinis or socks or my TRX Band from Equilibrium  so I can workout on my travels. It is amazing how much space there is in a small suitcase when you are careful about how you pack."


Angela Radcliffe Caroline Sciamma Eliza Dungarees Miss Maggie Blouses IMG_2423


The most practical advice is perhaps the most useful. "I’m really frightened of losing luggage so I always keep a photocopy of the family passports just in case,” Angela reveals. “My family once lost their luggage in Naples and it would have been a nightmare if it had not been for photocopied passports in another bag.” 6) LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES Even being a top stylist doesn’t mean you don’t make the odd packing mistake. "Sometimes its a disaster, taking a small bag,” Angela confesses. "I once I went to New York for Fashion Week and just took one pair of flat shoes, thinking I would wear the same pair the whole time. But unfortunately I just felt too casual the whole time that I didn’t have a high shoe. I was running to shows and I didn’t have time to go and buy any so I always regretted not packing more."


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Radcliffe & Sciamma are frequent flyers so often bringing pieces back from their travels. “We will take an extra soft bag and fold it up in the top so that you have the option of picking up new pieces on your trip,” Caroline explains. As for airport attire they will always be spotted wearing their heaviest and biggest pieces including chunky boots and fur coats to travel in.

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