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Once a small time fashion magazine editor Henry Holland has transformed the face of the British fashion world in recent years with his label House of Holland. Henry Holland has become synonymous for his clash of prints and colours. Holland's show at London Fashion week is always filled with his famous fashion clan of friends such as Kelly Osbourne, Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof and Harry Styles. The SS14 collection is inspired by Baz Luhrmann's epic adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet with dark romantic pieces, bright graphic print tees and structured bold colours. Here we ask Henry Holland how he got started and about being patient.

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DONNA IDA:  How did you get started?

Henry Holland: 'Making filthy slogan t-shirts for my friends from my spare bedroom.'

DONNA IDA:  Where is your Head Office?

Henry Holland: 'Kingsland Road, Shoreditch.'

DONNA IDA: What inspires you?

Henry Holland: 'People, the way they dress, their personal style and stories. Subcultures, films and music.'

House of Holland's SS14 collection is inspired by Romeo & Juliet

DONNA IDA: What is your business mantra?

Henry Holland: 'If you can make a business out of something you love then you'll never be unhappy.'

DONNA IDA: If you weren't a designer what would you do?

Henry Holland: 'I would imagine I would still be a writer for fashion magazines. That was my path before I started on my tees and I loved it.'

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DONNA IDA: Describe your style highs and lows?

Henry Holland: 'I think I have these every single week! I dress for my mood and some times I'm feeling adventurous and a bit mental and dress accordingly and other times I'm happy in all black jeans and tee.'

DONNA IDA: What advice would you give to a younger you?

Henry Holland: 'Be patient! I was so desperate to be in my dream career straight away when I was at university that I was too busy not to enjoy what I was doing at the time.'

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DONNA IDA: What's next?

Henry Holland: 'Handbags! We're launching our first line of handbags this year and I'm really excited to grow that part of the business.'

See House of Holland's SS14 Homegirls catwalk show:

Shop House of Holland.

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