SS12 New York Buying Trip - Day Two

The thing about jet lag is the 1am Wide Awake in America theme.  It happens to me every time.  I managed to sleep till about 4am on the Saturday and by 5.30am I had pulled on my trainers and had hit the streets.  I'm trying to get into running and if I had worked out earlier the amount of window shopping that can be done in an hour I probably would have joined the cult years ago.  NYC is THE best place to go running!  Next time you're there, try it.  Here are some of the sights.

Bryant Park and Magnolia Bakery.

NBC Building and News Corporation.

New York Public Library.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

NBC Studios and Radio City.

Another morning of showrooms ensued - I walk all over Manhattan if I can, taxis take forever and as long as you can count you'll never get lost in New York.  Saturday afternoon is all about shopping (or comparative shopping as it's officially called when you're checking out what everyone else has).  I do Sak's, Barney's, Bergdorf's, Intermix, Scoop, Opening Ceremony and all the little boutiques downtown.  It is literally an endurance test - you have to get through the lot.  And if it can include a stroll past Magnolia Bakery, then all the better.

My hotel room conveniently had a little kitchenette so I was settled back into my room by 7pm ordering takeaway from what turns out to be one of THE best Thai restaurants I've even tried.  And take it from me, I've tried a lot of them.  For your New York address book, take a note of Soi 30 Thai, 430 3rd Avenue, btw 29th Street & 30th Street.  After eating enough for a family of six I selected a new book to read for my Ipad stash - Hollywood Sinners.  Just the right mix of zero thinking love/sex/tragedy/revenge.

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