SS12 New York Buying Trip - Day Four

Due to aggressive hotel air-conditioning, I wake up with a cold.  I feel so sick I don't go for my morning urban run and feel cheated.  It's a big day in trade show hell so I console myself with a vat of coffee and a bagel slathered in cream cheese. Perfect. J Brand is first up and I'm presented with five months worth of styles. Head spinning, I write orders for the styles that jump out at me immediately, such as the Nikko and the Maverick and a plethora of their amazing twill in literally every colour you can think of.


Nikko and Maverick.

Paige is my good friend and a denim goddess.  Seeing her at Coterie is a huge plus in the day.  Not only does she give great denim, she gives great bag and shoe - the girl knows how to accessorise.  She's a big Alaia fan and I swooned over her heels while being shown the latest Paige additions.

Paige also makes the most comfortable skinnies in the world, I swear by her Verdugo Leggings and for those Verdugo lovers she has plenty of treats in store for SS12.  If you want to try one skinny, try these.  They're amazing, I promise you.

Zoe Karrsen is a label I wanted to catch up with in New York.  I'm a fan of a cool printed tee and love their relaxed style.  A Zoe Karrsen tee, a great pair of jeans and a black jacket.  It's a wardrobe staple for me - everyone needs this key backup look in their arsenal.

If you know anything at all about denim you'll know who Adriano Goldschmied is. He's the King of Denim - Adriano rules in terms of denim.  Goldsign is the jewel in his denim crown, denim that is so high end, so luxurious, so ahead of the curve in terms of technology that once a customer tries them, they never forget the experience.  Goldsign is Donna Ida's secret weapon and one of our best performing brands.  It has a hugely loyal following.  Here's a pic of me and Adriano, I love seeing him.

After tearing through Hudson, Minnie Rose, WGACA (where this spectacular vintage Chanel was just lying around), Beyond Vintage and countless others, I left Coterie for the last time. I miraculously found a taxi and went downtown to Soho House where I met my friend Janice who lives in New York. The rest of the evening was history.

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