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Sophie Stanbury is an Interior Designer and proud mum of two boys. She lives and works in London and shares everything from fashion tips to fitness routines on her Instagram account (where she has amassed over 140k followers). She describes interior decorating as her main profession, but Sophie is the model of the modern entrepreneur, sharing her impressive range of talents with her fans and followers. We interviewed Sophie back in 2018 (click here to read) and here we catch up with Sophie, asking her about life in lockdown and her favourite pair of jeans.

sophie stanbury jumpsuit donna ida
Tell us your biggest lockdown achievement

Managing work life and home life on my own with two very energetic little boys, we have certainly had our moments but I can safely say we’ve loved having the time together to nest and hang out 24/7 plus I’ve had so many new clients who wanted to make some home improvements during lock down.

Sophie Stanbury Donna Ida Style Insider

If you could be locked down with anyone – not including your friends and family who would it be and why?

Brad Pitt (lol). No on a more serious note, I would have loved to learn more about my trade and maybe had a top interior designer to stay for a week for inspo, more tips and tricks etc. There is always something new to learn, a new style to explore and that’s what I love about the industry in which I work. Oh and a hairstylist, manucurist, tanner and facialist...

Show us your favourite ‘moment’ in your home. What do you look at every day that makes you happy, it can be a thing, a person, or just a corner of your home.

Our highlight has been our lovely walks near our home with the boys and our dog, it's been so important to hit that refresh button every day and get outside for some fresh air and exercise. We’ve also loved our cooking together and we have now perfected our dim sum making skills!

Sophie Stanbury Donna Ida Style Insider

Sophie Stanbury Donna Ida Style Insider

We all buy beautiful clothes, handbags and accessories that we love but never seem to use. Let’s see your top 3 – styled if you can!

A good pair of jeans, wedges or flats and a good bag – for an everyday look is my go to.

A good wardrobe staple like a navy blazer and then some fun shoes that I don’t mind splashing out a bit on for the evening.

I’m pretty good at not splashing out so I’m more of a wardrobe staples girl. 

Sophie Stanbury Donna Ida Style Insider

Can we see your daily denim – what jeans are you wearing all the time right now?

I love my boyfriend Donna Ida jeans and my skinny Rag and Bones with high waist and buttons.

sophie stanbury donna ida jeans

Sophie Stanbury wears Boy Dazzler Jeans in Stacked It


If you could design a Donna Ida jean/jumpsuit or ready to wear item what would it be called? We usually name the denim after girls that Ida would like to hang out with, and the name the ready to wear pieces after the way they make you feel.

My favourite is the Cassandra (I need to get one in denim) – I may do a cropped skinny leg frayed bottom with a (go faster) stripe up the leg for a bit of added va va voom and call it  the "Mum On The Run” for mums who want to feel fabulous but still remain comfy and stylish :)

What is the first thing you’ll do when you get out?

See my lovely parents who I’ve missed so much!

We’ll all get back to the airport at some point, when you do, what is the destination that will be on your boarding pass?

I’m heading to the South of France for a long weekend with a girlfriend for a French Riviera reset! Cannot wait!!

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