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Tall, short, curvy or slim, we have the perfect jeans for everyone! Donna and the team have prepared this easy guide to show what suits their figures to help you find your perfect pair of jeans.

Donna Ida


- Short body, Short legs -

For all you shorties like Donna, her favourite styles are Dolly, Angie, Rizzo and Boy Dazzler.

Kate and Minnie are also two of Donna's all-time favourites. The Kate jeans are the perfect length for Donna to wear with a pair of heels. And with Minnie, Donna just cuts off the hem and wears with trainers.

Because Donna is 5 ft 2, she rolls or scrunches Rizzo, Dolly, Bigger Boy Dazzler and Boy Dazzler and Angie.

Donna Ida

Claire Donna Ida


- Apple but very busty -

Our PR & Marketing girl Claire is made for Rizzo! Her slightly shorter body and average length legs take a size 25" in Rizzo and fit her like a dream.  She even owns several pairs in Fawcett Blue - just in case it ever goes out of production. So if you love a pair make sure you stock up!

Claire also loves Dolly, in classic Fawcett Blue & Blackest wash.  Dolly is perfect if you have a bigger bust, the zip makes you feel very secure and sexy.

Donna Ida Claire
Annelise Donna Ida


- Petite with longer legs  - 

If you have a petite frame with longer legs like Annelise then you're going to love Minnie, Martha, Hope & Sadie. These styles really celebrate Annelise's amazing legs. 

Her go-to runaround jeans are Kitty Kat & Rizzo in all washes.
Annelise takes her jeans in a size 23 and jumpsuits in an XS.

Annelise Donna Ida

Valencia Donna Ida


- Curvy -

Our jumpsuits are perfect for our curvy girls, they're a great way of accentuating your curves. Naturally, Valentina is a jumpsuit lover and wears Wanda, Sadie & Cassandra in a size L. Valentina is also super excited about the new Angie which she'll take in a medium because it's a more relaxed fit.

In jeans, Valentina loves all variations of the classic bootcut she's often seen wearing Kitty kat, Hope and Martha.

Valencia Donna Ida
Tash Donna Ida


- Long legs, Shorter body -

Those blessed with long legs are best paired with Ivy, Minnie and Martha. These styles will elongate your legs, making you look like a supermodel. 

For an everyday look, Tash can't resist to pull on the Bigger Boy Dazzler in Loved. In jumpsuits Tash also loves Cassandra and Sadie jumpsuits and wears an XS.

Donna Ida Tash

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