S'mores Recipe with Firetree Chocolate

Get ready to cosy up with delicious S'mores made with Firetree Chocolate. Donna's husband, Robert Walton MBE is at home in the kitchen making these delicious treats in his latest Dazzler Does series. Just check out the video below or follow our simple step by step.

recipe smores

Ingredients: Firetree chocolate, digestives and marshmallows


  1. Lay digestives out on fail lined baking tray
  2. Add square of chocolate on top of each digestive
  3. Add 1 marshmallow on top of chocolate
  4. Place tray into hot oven (230 degrees) for around 3/4 mins
  5. Remove from oven
  6. Allow to cool for a few minute
  7. Add another digestive to act as the lid
recipe smores
recipe smores

recipe smores

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