Simeon, you genius!

Simeon Farrar, Donna's favourite artist and printer has designed and printed the Donna Ida for Jeans for Genes T-shirts which will be worn by the 130 strong Team Donna Ida this Sunday, 11th September. Using Enza Costa basics, Simeon hand-printed each tee in his own unique style.  Simeon's style is to wash the tees when the paint is still wet so the print runs, but for the Team Donna Ida tees he left the print to dry sharply as it was "more him to wash them out, but more Donna to keep the print sharp".

These pictures were kindly taken by Simeon and his team to document the making of the t-shirts. They are absolutely make sure to check out the complete collection on our Facebook page.

Look out for more photos on the blog for the Team Donna Ida girls this Sunday, 11th September.

Best dressed runners of the bunch? We think so. Remember you can still donate, or become part of Team Donna Ida - we have fabulous prizes on offer!

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