Sarah Chapman

When Donna Ida first opened on Draycott Avenue in 2006 the door that leads to the beauty rooms above the store was in operation all day.  Even the builders commented on it - that thing must open and close a hundred times a day.  The place that a lot of women are climbing the stairs to is Sarah Chapman, the now famous facialist who even has her own range of delicious products.  I've become one of those women who go through the door above my Chelsea boutique to lie on the same bed as Queen Rania, Naomi Watts and Savannah Miller and luxuriate under Sarah's uniquely relaxing hands.

As Sarah's business has grown I've moved over to the amazing Philippa (giving Sarah a wee break).  Sarah suggested I try her one day and I was amazed that Sarah has managed to do that rare thing - she has replicated herself.  Philippa has the same hands, the same uniquely relaxing way about her, she has the same famous massage down pat - she even looks like Sarah!

The last time I visited Philippa in Sarah's Chapman's beauty rooms I tried a new mask called the Instant Miracle Mask.  It's a very thick alginate mask which forms a tight seal so you can layer serums underneath to enhance their performance.  Sold!  Philippa also used the Omnilux on me, which has great healing and collagen boosting effects.  Again....singing my song.

And if you buy yourself just one product, let it be the Overnight Facial.  I love it and always have backup in my cupboard at home.  You'll wake up with plump skin - really.

If you get to Sarah's beauty rooms be prepared to sleep (much as I try not to I always nod off) but be awake for the massage portion of the facial.  You won't get it anywhere else.  Feather light and quick as a flash, hundreds of tiny little plumping pinches will fly across your face.  It's the best!

Sarah Chapman is at 106 Draycott Avenue, SW3 3AE.  Right above Donna Ida.

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