Really Red Essie Nails


I've always loved red nail polish. On short, neat, perfectly filed nails. They can't be long. But over the years I've tried and failed to find the perfect shade for me. Red isn't just red - the base tones always come through - too blue too pink too orange too brown too black. So this Summer I embarked on a mission to try every single red until I found the perfect shade. Essie have the biggest red selection and I love the Essie brand so in the Spring I started to run the Essie red gauntlet. Turning Heads Red is close...but no cigar. Too blue. Fifth Avenue a smidge too orange, E-nuff is E-nuff too pink AND orange (how?), Lollipop the same, A List has shades of brown and Fishnet Stockings too brown AND orange. And then finally I got it - Really Red.  Hurrah! I knew the second it went on and the next day and the day after that, and I've been wearing it ever since and it's not coming off (of course I refresh every 2nd or 3rd evening - chips are so yuck). Red is all about the skin tone though so keep trying until you hit on the right red for you. My skin is so yellow it borders on jaundice but if you're on the hunt for red, maybe start with my beloved Really Red, it may save you a few pounds!

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