Queen for a Day - Donna Ida Thornton

If I was Queen for a day the first thing I'd do is unlock the Diamond Diadem and settle it onto my head.  The Diamond Diadem is my favourite crown - none of that front only frugality of a tiara for me!  (plus, I can never work out how they get them to stay on).  Wearing the Diamond Diadem I would summon the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and tell them they will be participating in the Donna Ida Summer of Sport to help raise money for Jeans for Genes.  They're all sporty, should be a doddle for them.  It's a quick 5k run, 26k trek and a 65k bike ride (the one that has really got me worried).

That should polish off the morning.  In the afternoon, much as I love all dog breeds, I would add some Chihuahuas to the fleet of palace Corgis.  When I was growing up my neighbours had a Corgi and when Woody, our lovely gentlemanly neighbour picked me up, Kelly the Corgi was overcome with jealousy and jumped up and bit me on the backside.  Therefore, I think an addition of gentle Chihuahua love could benefit the palace.

Another thing that's important to me is the tricky issue of parking.  I've racked up a Birkin’s worth of parking tickets over the years and would decree a free parking day across the City.  It may cause havoc but there would be collective sighs of relief from all motorists who don't have to worry about parking for once.

In the evening I would love to go to an official event.  I'd feel a bit silly wearing the Diamond Diadem all day without going somewhere special in the evening.  Something simple, a State dinner would do.

Equanimity by Chris Levine - the Queen wearing the Diamond Diadem.

For a chance to win denim vouchers, tell us what you would do as Queen for a day before midnight on the 5th June. The best answer will be chosen on the 6th June. Tweet us or comment on the blog with your answer. The winner will receive £50 voucher for Donna Ida to spend on full price products.

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